American Action Network Releases State & District-Level Medicare Cuts in Obamacare

From the American Action Network has the State & District-by-District Breakdowns of How Much Members Who Voted for or to Keep Obamacare Cut from their Area’s Medicare

WASHINGTON – As part of its ongoing effort to make the case for prompt repeal of Obamacare, the American Action Network (AAN) released today the cuts to Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) and Medicare Advantage (MA) in the states and congressional districts of Senators and Members of Congress that voted for or to preserve Obamacare. The district and state specific cuts can be found at and the member-specific sites linked below.

The data used to determine this state and congressional district data comes from the census, the Congressional Budget Office, and a new University of Minnesota study that provided a county-by-county analysis of the Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage cuts included in Obamacare.

Obamacare cut Medicare by $716 billion to fund a new entitlement, and is leading to higher taxes on consumers and providers, rising healthcare costs for families, and will lead to diminished quality of care for seniors. The need to repeal this disastrous law is more evident daily.

“Obamacare has not only led to higher health costs and taxes on American families, it’s also hurt seniors from gutting Medicare,” said American Action Network Communications Director Dan Conston. “It’s important Americans see the painful local consequence of their Member of Congress’ support for Obamacare, and further proves this disastrous law needs to be repealed.”

In addition to, AAN has created individual sites for the following Members of Congress: Barrow: 1.06 Billion (GA-12), Bishop: 1.5 Billion (NY-01), Capps: 1.09 Billion (CA-24), Chandler: 1.24 Billion (KY-06), Cicilline: 1.13 Billion (RI-01), Critz: 1.81 Billion (PA-12), Garamendi: 1.1 Billion (CA-03), Hochul: 1.49 Billion (NY-27), Israel: 1.92 Billion (NY-03), Kissell: 1.36 Billion (NC-08), Matheson: 655 Million (UT-04), McNerney: 1.06 Billion (CA-09), Owens: 1.24 Billion (NY-21), Pelosi: 1.3 Billion (CA-12), Perlmutter: 999 Million (CO-07), Rahall: 1.47 Billion (WV-03), Slaughter: 1.26 Billion (NY-25), Sutton: 1.49 Billion (OH-16), Tierney: 1.68 Billion (MA-06).

The Medicare FFS and MA congressional district cuts we’re estimated by using the county-level data from the MILI Working Paper and combining it with the U.S. Census Bureau’s redistricting data. Specifically, shares of the county level data were allocated to the portion of that county that is in each congressional district for the 113th Congress. The allocation was based on the percentage of the county’s residents over age 65 who reside in each congressional district. The shares for each county-district overlap were then summed at the congressional district level, to determine the Medicare cut share for each district.

Obamacare includes $716 billion in cuts to Medicare simply to fund the new insurance subsidy entitlement and Medicaid expansions, bringing Medicare even closer to bankruptcy. It comes in stark contrast to the Ryan Budget passed in 2011 that made long-term adjustments to the underlying cost structure of Medicare to ensure its solvency for future generations. Given this substantive policy difference, district by district Medicare cuts data was only released in the districts where the Representative supported or supported preserving Obamacare.

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