So? So You’re a Liberal

-By Gary Krasner

I like listening to Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett radio shows.

But I also watch and listen to many liberal forums.

After many years of watching and listening to NPR, PBS, CSPAN, and sometimes the lunatics on Pacifica, i’ve noticed a speech affectation or mannerism.

I has increased in prevalence in recent years. Until now, I can always immediately identify a liberal on any panel discussion, or interview.

What is it? The liberal begins his her answer to a question with the word “so.”

So the economy will recover . . . . .
So the problem you cite is the fault of Republicans . . . .
So the patriot act was unconstitutional because . . . .

Remember, “so” is used in their FIRST utterance. Normally, you make a point, then you segue to a concluding comment that begins with: “Thus,” or “Hence” or “Therefore” or “Ergo” or “So,” etc.

But not so in the case of today’s liberals. Many of them now begin an entire new thought with the word “so”.

Liberals and conservatives still begin their answers with the word “Well,”. That has not changed. Many remember Ronald Reagan beginning his answers with that word.

But there are a good many liberals who are saying “So” instead of “Well”. It’s unmistakeable, if you follow punditry as much as i do.


Well, when you say, “So what”, that’s an exception to this example. “So what” is a common expression of long standing, and stands alone.

But so what? I’ll tell you so what. It shows how inbred and insular liberals keep themselves. They don’t talk to non liberals. And when you also understand how important it is for liberals to agree in lockstep with each other, to reinforce their biases and scratch each others backs (to keep many coalitions of identity politics intact), then you will appreciate why they sound alike in this speech mannerism.

So you see now what I mean?

So what liberals are doing, in effect, is showing each other that they are part of the group.

So when liberals engage in this affectation, they are assuring their peers for the same reason chimps groom each other.

So admittedly, I also find it annoying, which is probably why I’m ranting on about this.

So now I’ll shut up and let others comment.


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