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Chicago Tea Party Patriots Co-Sponsor first Tea Party Presidential Debate

The Tea Party Express is partnering with CNN for the first ever Tea Party Presidential debate. We’re honored to have been selected as a co-sponsor of the debate. This is a huge victory for the movement because before last year’s mid-term election victories no news network would have partnered with any tea party group to do anything like this. Two years ago, Kathy Barkulis challenged CNN reporter Susan Roesgen at the first Chicago Tax Day Tea Party and now CNN is partnering with the tea party. This shows how far the movement has come. The debate will be held on September 12, 2011 in Tampa, FL, the location of the 2012 Republican convention.

We are very excited to be a co-sponsor of this debate. By partnering with CNN the tea party movement will be able to reach an entirely different audience than Fox News, talk radio and the internet. CNN is a worldwide news network, so people around the world will have an opportunity to hear about the core principles and values of the movement for the first time.

The audience at the debate will consist of tea party members from across the country and the questions will come directly from us. The debate will be focused on the three core principles of the tea party movement: fiscal responsibility, free markets, and constitutionally limited government.

If you are interested in being part of the live audience, please contact our Chicago Tea Party Patriots Coordinator, Steve Stevlic, at As a debate co-sponsor, we have passes to the debate and tickets to exclusive events in Tampa on the day of the event. You will need to cover the costs of your own travel, but the tickets to the debate and events are free.

Of course, if you would like to be part of en event closer to home, you can attend the Presidential Candidates Townhall Forum and Straw Poll at TeaCon 2011, September 30 – October 1. Our candidates forum will be unlike anything else you see during the Presidential campaign. Our format will be very unique and provide you with an opportunity to truly learn about where the candidates stand. Stay tuned.

Chicago Tea Party September Meeting – 9/7

The next monthly meeting of the Chicago Tea Party will be held on Wednesday, September 7 at 7:00 at Blackie’s Chicago, 755 S. Clark. This will be our last meeting before TeaCon 2011. Our speakers include Dr. Arie Friedman, Chairman of the Doctors-Patient Alliance of Illinois. Dr. Friedman will announce he is running for State Senate on 8/29 and you can be a part of it.

Click here to register for the Chicago Tea Party September Meeting.

Marc Levine, Senior Fellow for Pensions and Investments with the Illinois Policy Institute, will discuss Illinois’ public pension crisis and how we can effectively communicate regarding what’s at stake. We’ll also hear from businessman and community activist Harold Davis, who is making a difference working with children on the South Side. We’ll discuss the work the Chicago Tea Party is doing with leaders in the African American community.

We will also be joined by the Cook County Campaign for Liberty and America’s Future Foundation – Chicago.

Register for our September meeting here.

You can learn more about TeaCon 2011 and purchase your tickets at

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