Emanuel refuses to release Rahm Tax list

From the Gery Chico for Chicago Mayor campaign…

HARD TRUTH: Emanuel not being honest with voters

(CHICAGO) Rahm Emanuel today backtracked on his proposed Rahm Tax, saying his campaign would not release the entire list of services that would be hit by his tax hike. Mayoral candidate Gery Chico blasted Emanuel for not telling the “hard truth” to voters. Emanuel is currently running ads that suggest Emanuel is the candidate who best tells the “hard truth.”

“Rahm Emanuel has made a habit of not being honest with the voters of Chicago,” Gery Chico said. “Emanuel isn’t being honest about his plan to raise taxes on a whole new litany of services that will hurt working class families. Emanuel isn’t being honest about his tenure on the scandal-laden board of Freddie Mac. The last thing Chicago needs is a mayor who says one thing and does another.”

Emanuel’s refusal to disclose the full list of services is disturbing on several fronts. First, voters who are heading to the polls in just three weeks have no idea what services Emanuel would tax if he were elected as mayor. The Rahm Tax originally included health clubs but yesterday, the Emanuel campaign changed its tune and said they would only tax a few select health clubs.

Second, the numbers don’t add up. Emanuel is claiming the Rahm Tax plan will save families at least $200. But with well over 600,000 families living in Chicago, this plan would create a loss of revenue of at least $120 million, a total which could not possibly be created by taxing the sparse list of services Emanuel has so far provided.

In addition, Emanuel has refused to address why-when informed of an accounting scandal as a member of the now-disgraced Freddie Mac Board-he did not blow the whistle on improper activity.

Gery Chico for Mayor.


Even the Chicago Tribune can’t figure out what Rahm’s tax proposal means.

Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel might have a good idea for tax reform. But how can anyone tell?

The “Rahm-tax,” as mayoral rival Gery Chico gleefully calls it, would require consumers to pay a levy for “luxury” services such as botox treatment and elite health club membership. The selective tax on services would be accompanied by a modest decrease in the city’s portion of the state sales tax.

The problem is, Emanuel can’t seem to spell out a bright line for what would be taxed and what wouldn’t. This has turned into a parlor game.

Do read the rest of the Trib’s piece.

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