Where is Waldo? Rep. Bean a No Show for Debates

From the Palatine Tea Party…

(Palatine, Illinois) – Illinois Representative Melissa Bean (D) Illinois 8th district will not talk with concerned citizens in the Illinois 8th district. She can not defend her votes or answer direct questions. She is hiding deep in her Bean Bunker!

On October 9th, 2010, Illinois Representative Melissa Bean (D) Illinois 8th district was a “No” show for a debate at the Civic Center located in Round Lake Beach. There were several questions asked to Melissa Bean’s empty table. The debate was moderated by the Mayor of Round Lake Beach.

Joe Walsh (R), Melissa Bean (D), and Green Party Candidate Bill Scheurer were all invited to debate topics on healthcare, jobs and the economy.

If you are outraged with Bean hiding and not answering direct questions, contact local media outlets and her local office (847) 517-2927 or DC (202) 225-3711 and vote her out in November!


Why did Melissa Bean Send Thugs to Her Last Townhall?

The following are three more questions that Bean was not there to answer…

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