And Anudder thing… Charge that Whale With Murder!

-By Warner Todd Huston>

Some random observations…

  • If animals are “just like people,” as the far left keeps telling us, should we charge that killer whale in Florida with murder?

  • A “Professor” says that Globaloney deniers are “close-minded.” Idiot, the word coupling is CLOSED-minded, not close-minded. Grammar, Sir, Grammar! Of course, it could have been the idiots at NPR doing a bad transcription of the Prof’s comments, too. Wither way we have some bunch of idiots here.

  • The Left is like a defective Toyota with its accelerator stuck in KILLKILLKILL mode.

  • I am increasingly becoming afraid that the GOP is going to be fooled into a Romney 2012 candidacy! But WHICH Romeny will run…. or will we get another, new Romney just specially for 2012??

  • Every time I write a story about bad journalism, I invariably get at least one comment that is confused enough to think that “Warner Todd Huston” is the journalist that muffed the story instead that it’s ME, the guy writing the story ABOUT the journalist that muffed the story! Reading comprehension is in short supply out there sometimes!

  • Why do half-wit libs write me 50 paragraph emails telling me how much they hate me? Do they expect me to actually READ all that?

Thank you, that is all.

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