8th Dist. Candidate Joe Walsh: Obama’s Homeland Security Sec. Revealed ‘Shocking Level of Naivete’

From the Walsh for Congress campaign…

Illinois 8th District Congressional candidate Joe Walsh says Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has revealed a shocking level of naivete that provides legitimate reason to question her ability to protect our nation. “Secretary Napolitano’s comments and actions following the failed Christmas Day terrorist bombing reveal genuine reasons to doubt her ability to protect America from a shrewd, inventive enemy.”

Joe Walsh continued, saying, “Americans of all political ideologies are justified in doubting Napolitano’s experience and competence. Her lack of accountability is shocking and we deserve an explanation.” As a life-long advocate for limited government and a vibrant private sector, Joe Walsh intends to be a loud, forceful voice for his constituents. Joe was born and raised in the heart of the Eighth District, growing up in a family of nine children. He and his wife Helene together have five children.

Joe Walsh, candidate for the Republican Nomination to the 8th Congressional District. To learn more about Mr. Walsh and the issues he supports, visit his website at:


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