Protest the Media, October 21st

It all began on Thursday, October 9th, in Waukesha, Wisconsin with the words “I’m mad, I’m really mad.” I think this lone man spoke for us all. We are seeing our country being taken over by socialists and feel frustrated that we are not being heard. We all feel the media is at the root cause. They do not report the news, they report their agenda. They hide what doesn’t fit into that agenda and we as Americans are suffering for it. And we are MAD!

Well, now is our time to be heard. Join us at as we plan a nation-wide protest of all media outlets across the country to let them know that we understand what they are doing and that we will not be silent anymore.

We have seen the liberal side of this country protest and be heard. Well, it is time for our side to be heard and with this protest we will show this country that we do have a voice and it will no longer be silenced to the liberal media and government taking over our lives.

All who can, will go to a local media outlet in your city on October, 21st at 3:00 pm. We will stand with our signs and hand out our flyers until 7:00 pm. If it is not possible for you to go out, then you are asked to telephone, send emails and mail acorns to all National and Local newspapers, tv and radio stations, including their advertisers.

On this site you will find your state and local media outlets in your city (if you don’t see yours, please post it). Let’s try to get as many people at each site as possible. There will also be flyers, sign slogans and emails to help you in your protest.

We will be peaceful, we will not riot. We are dignified human beings that will not stoop to the liberal way of doing things. That is why we are great, that is why we are standing up, and that is why we are Americans who love this country with all of our hearts.

So, let’s rise and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!

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