Newspaper Misspells its OWN Name on Front Page

-By Warner Todd Huston

For a little humorous break from the world of hard news, we have the embarrassing story of the Valley News that serves Vermont and New Hampshire misspelling its own name on the front page of the July 21 issue.

The big oopsie was followed on July 22 with an egg-on-the-face, editor’s note apologizing to the readers for this ridiculous mistake.

Editor’s Note – Readers may have noticed that the Valley News misspelled its own name on yesterday’s front page. Given that we routinely call on other institutions to hold them accountable for their mistakes, let us say for the record: We sure feel silly.

Gosh darn it but don’t they look silly? Still, it’s great that they took the gaffe in good humor. After all, with a mistake that absurd, what else could you do?

You can find this amusing little tale on a favorite website called Regret the Error, by Craig Silverman, a site that tracks amusing little gaffes of media entities all across the world.


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