Newt Says that American Left Wing ‘Admirers Terrorists’

I have to say, right on Newt here. The left wing in America loves American terrorists. That what Newt said to Sean Hannity the other day.

“…the left wing of the Democratic Party, frankly, kind of admires American terrorists… they don’t mind at all that Farrakhan is anti-semitic. They shrug off Jeremiah Wright.”

Let’s face facts here. The left has always loved hatemongers, terrorists, and wild-eyed lunatics. They loved Malcolm X, the Weather Underground, Manson, the Chicago 7, and now they love Farrakahn, and murderers like Mumia Abu-Jamal.

But, watch the left get all upset like they’ve been attacked or something.

One thought on “Newt Says that American Left Wing ‘Admirers Terrorists’”

  1. Newt’s right on with this! And can ANYONE ELSE SEE? … that Obama fits into that group? He’s FRIENDS with Bill Ayers – the unrepentant, ADMITTED American terrorist! and who’s to say that Obama is NOT a Muslim; one who’s practicing “al taquiyya” – LYING TO INFIDELS (that’s ALL of us!) in order to gain control? Think about it, folks – IT FITS! it explains his friendship with terrorists; it explains his fidelity to Jeremiah Wright – who has preached hatred of America for 20 years – and until we got to know WHO Wright is, Obama called him his “spiritual mentor”! How perfect for one who wants to take over this nation! Sharia Law would certainly be CHANGE – and that’s what he’s preaching! Equality for all….AS LONG AS YOU CONVERT TO ISLAM! otherwise, YOU, ME – ALL OF US – become servants to Muslims – IF we are allowed to keep our heads, that is!

    STOP SWALLOWING THE KOOL-AID AND SEE THIS PHONY FOR WHAT HE IS! Watch him when he doesn’t have a teleprompter in front of him – he can’t answer a single question without babbling!

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