Atlantic City Mayor, Phony Soldier, Under Investigation… but a Democrat?

-By Warner Todd Huston

Imagine this scenario: A Republican Mayor of a famous city lies about his service in Vietnam and is caught at it but before that revelation comes to light he was already in trouble as he was about to be recalled by the citizenry for commonly being absent at city council meetings. What’s more he also presides over a city council that has several members under investigation for sexual misconduct, drunk driving and at least one recent council member who is in jail serving a conviction for bribery. Imagine how the MSM would howl over the Republican “culture of corruption?” And yet, this scenario that I describe actually exists with but one small alteration in the particulars. The mayor in question actually exists. His city council is as corrupt as I describe. Only the mayor is a Democrat instead of a Republican… not that the MSM seems to have noticed.

Once again, the AP seems to have forgotten to mention the party affiliation of a wretchedly corrupt Democrat who is under fire for his perfidy.

Yet, with all the fire Rush Limbaugh — a radio guy with no legislative power — is under for not saying that soldiers that come out against the war are “phony soldiers,” a New Jersey Democrat — a man who has the reins of power under his control and who really IS a phony soldier — is forgotten by the wild-eyed media elites.

It seems that, while Mayor Robert Levy, (Democrat – New Jersey) was a decorated U.S. soldier from the Vietnam era, he felt the odd need to embellish his military service by falsely claiming that he was a member of the Green Berets during his tour of duty.

But that is the least of his worries. He is also under scrutiny for being very close with a convicted and jailed former councilman as well as for his spotty attendance record at city council meetings. And, now he seems to have driven off and disappeared. No one has a clue where he went.

And the AP is not the only ones to have forgotten to mention that “D” beside Mayor Levy’s name. So did Editor & Publisher,Reuters, USA Today’s Blogs, even Fox News seem to have somehow forgotten to mention that Mayor Levy is a Democrat.

So, what’s the deal? Is “corruption” only a Republican thing as far as the entire media establishment is concerned? Is Democrat corruption somehow more obviously unconnected with party affiliation than is corruption perpetrated by a politician who happens to be a Republican?

How is it that the MSM feels the need to alert everyone that a corrupt politician is a Republican, but that the same MSM seems never to notice if a corrupt politician is a Democrat?

Should we all just imagine that this is just an accident?

Well, I, for one, would certainly believe it to be merely accidental… if the elves and fairies that wrote the news rode in to work on their unicorns, that is.
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