Our Newest Op Ed- By Justin Darr

– By Justin Darr

Last week, my wife and I were invited to eat dinner at the home of some of our more liberal friends. Or, I should more properly say, my wife was invited and I came along because I come with the set. Do not take this the wrong way. I have nothing personally against this couple. They are intelligent, friendly people, and other than the fact that they are a pair of short sighted, pseudo-intellectual, tie dye wearing liberal freaks who hold a burning resentment against me because I am usually right, I can tolerate them for short periods every few weeks.

This week was their turn to host dinner. So, as with most things in life, there is good and bad in all situations. For example, by going to their house I do not have to deal with their critiquing my home’s recycling program, but by going to theirs I am forced to endure whatever collection of sticks, small stones, and berries constitutes a vegetarian meal. This week was no exception as we were treated to yet another half raw meat, cheese, salt and taste free dinner. As I finished eating and my mind was turning to thoughts of what kinds of real food I would eat once I got home, my hosts asked if I would like some chocolate non-dairy, frozen, naturally sweetened confection. This is close enough to be ice cream for me, so I accepted…………
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