A Hotel That Won’t Allow Republicans?

No Bush voters may visit…

Here is another fine example of the more “tolerant” left. From the website of the Ocean Haven hotel:


Ocean Haven, Nature Friendly Lodging on the Beautiful Oregon Cost

Nature-friendly cleaning & maintenance. Committed to limiting human impact on nature.

No Hummers, No RVs, No Bush Voters (due to his environmental destructive policies e.g.; nonparticipation in Kyoto Treaty, The Clear Skies Act, continuation of naval sonar in marine mammal habitats…)

Yep, the first hotel that has decided to disallow visitors based upon their political persuasion. That’s the more “tolerant” left we are used to, eh? But, what could be LESS American than such hatred and exclusion?

Imagine if a Republican leaning hotel owner were to claim that they don’t want democrats? Oh, how the left would howl. How about if a hotel would say no Jews or Catholics allowed? What if someone were say no Asians or Blacks? Would the left find that perfectly acceptable? In FACT didn’t we fight a Civil War and have decades of strife after that to bring the protection of equality and the Constitution to all American citizens? Do leftists now want to eschew those hard fought ideals?

These people are so typical of the left, however. Their own “religion” gets in their way so often. Their new religion of outright hatred for Bush and Republicans is so all consuming, so deeply and illogically ingrained that they have truly lost their perspective.

But, I love to see them so over the top, so out of their minds. It drives more people into the arms of the American political right every day. So, thanks guys, for the help.

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