Top Eight Fake News Lies Against Trump by Democrats and their Media Lapdogs Since Inauguration Day

-By Warner Todd Huston

At least since the middle of the last century after it had aligned itself with the Democrat Party, the media establishment has been an automatic enemy to any Republican in the White House. But no president has been the victim of media bias and hostility as quickly and completely as Donald J. Trump. Whereas some presidents may have only engendered from the media a few major lies only two months into his term, the lies against Trump have already reached into the dozens. Here are the top lies the media has thus far used to try and destroy Donald Trump.

(In no particular order…)

The Russians Hacked the Election to Get Trump Elected President

Spurred by lies from Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, the media has been claiming that the Russians “hacked the 2016 election” to “get Trump elected.” But despite the constant claims by the media, there is not a single shred of evidence to prove this claim.

Hillary helped get the ball rolling by claiming that the Russians hacked the election, but this claim was a 180 degree turnaround from only weeks previous when Obama and his media handmaidens were insisting that the the 2016 elections were not hacked.

Concurrent with this “hacked” lie, the liberal media has been happy to conflate the leaking of the Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign emails to a hacking. It was not a hacking. The DNC and the Hillary campaign were just run by idiots who lacked the common sense needed for electronic security.

In any case, it is indisputable that the Russians did not “hack” our elections. Indeed, in his recent testimony before Congress, even the liberals’ favorite FBI Director, James Comey, smashed that clam to smithereens.

The left will continue to lie, though, to undermine President Trump and the left-wing media is pushing it for all it’s worth to assist in that goal.

Trump Defunded Meals On Wheels

Last week when President Trump unveiled his budget plans, liberals went mad with the lie that Trump was “defunding” the charitable Meals on Wheels program and that he intended to “starve old people.” And so, the media spent almost a week slamming Trump for being so mean. But as people started looking into the matter it became obvious that it was all a lie. Trump’s budget didn’t defund Meals on Wheels at all.

The National Review’s Walter Olson dug into the facts — something the media refused to do — and realized that Trump’s cuts really didn’t much affect the charitable program.

Instead Trump’s cuts affect some of the federal government’s block granting programs and, as it happens, Meals on Wheels gets a tiny bit of that cash. As Olson noted, it’s mostly a show…

It’s important to the CDBG program’s political durability that its grantees wind up sprinkling a bit of extra money on popular programs mostly funded by other means. That way, defenders can argue that the block grants “fund programs like Meals on Wheels.”

Then it was reported that donations by regular Americans to the meal service exploded. So, the program doesn’t really need the tiny bit of federal money it gets, anyway.

Trump Limited Travel of Gold Star Father Khizr Khan

Khizr Khan came to the nation’s attention for attacking Donald Trump from the stage during the Democrat National Convention. We all learned that Khan, a devout Muslim, lost his son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, during the Iraq War in 2004. Presumably this gave the fallen soldier’s father some sort of right to be considered an authority on U.S. policy.

With that dubious pedigree at hand, in an effort to attack Trump’s travel order, Kahn decided to tell the nation that Trump limited his travel to keep him silent… and because he, Khan, is a Muslim.

But only a few days passed before it became clear that Khan simply lied. His travel wasn’t limited by anyone. But the truth didn’t matter. The liberal media had already spread the lie.

Speaking of Muslims…

Trump’s Travel Order is a Muslim Ban

Twice, now, President Trump has issued an Executive Order to put a temporary halt to travel from seven terror-prone countries until we can implement a better vetting system to make sure terrorists don’t sneak into our country among the so-called “refugees” from those terrorist nations. But instead of labeling it the anti-terror policy that it really is, the media decided to proclaim Trump’s policy a “Muslim ban.”

On its face the claim is a joke. After all, the order leaves 87 percent of the world’s Muslim population unaffected. If it was supposed to be a “Muslim ban,” it was a major failure. But we know that it isn’t a “Muslim ban” at all.

Trump Removed the Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., from the Oval Office

This one was a major laugher. On the day Donald J. Trump took the oath of office he took time out to sign a few early Executive Orders in the Oval Office. Members of the media, though were fixated on their claim that Trump took out the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr., and replaced it with Winston Churchill. But the reports, which went viral among liberals, is built on lies. Trump didn’t remove the King bust at all.

It turned out that Trump just moved the best to a different table in the Oval Office. But once again, the lie had already gone around the world before the truth even got its boots on. It’s just more liberal fake news.

Trump Insulted the CIA to Its Face, in Its Own Headquarters

The liberal media went wild during Trump’s first weekend as president insisting that when he appeared before the CIA’s wall of fallen officers he “insulted” the CIA by attacking them to their faces and in their own house. The liberal media further claimed that no president ever did that before.

Turns out Obama did it, too…

Trump Nominated a Racist to be the U.S. Attorney General

As soon as Donald Trump put forth the name of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions for U.S. Attorney General, the left revived old, debunked charges that Sessions is a “racist.” Of course, any look at his work as the U.S. Attorney for Alabama will see that he spent a lot of time and resources prosecuting racists in his state. Further more, those who worked side by side with the man have testified against the lie that he is a racist.

And speaking of U.S. attorneys, for one final example..

Trump Illicitly Fired All Our U.S. Attorneys

When Trump ordered 46 U.S. attorneys to resign the media immediately began claiming the order was “abrupt,” and “unexpected,” and even “unusual.” In fact, Politico negatively characterized the Trump administration’s actions as “ousting” Obama’s appointed attorneys. Mean ol’ Trump “ousting” those innocent attorneys.

Despite the alarmed tone of the Old Media complex, it has been very common for new presidents to demand the resignations of the previous president’s U.S. attorneys. Obama did it, too.

Typical of the left-wing media. Politico revealed its bias with this story. Back n 2008 when Obama demanded that all of Bush’s U.S. attorneys resign, Politico was far more benign in its reporting.

Naturally these are far from the only examples of the media’s lies against President Trump. But these are some of the left’s most notable lies in Trump’s first few months in office. One thing is certain, there will be many, many more.
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