Hypocrite Media Pushing All This Alt-Right Nonsense to Attack Trump

-By Warner Todd Huston

The leftist media’s newest dead horse to flog is the so-called “Alt-Right” and its “connection” to President Elect Donald Trump. So, as a conservative, should you be worried about all this? Is it something you need to denounce? Is it a growing worry for your side? The answer to all that is a decided “no” and always remember the media are liars and hypocrites in the first place.

Liberals are losing their tiny minds over this “Alt-Right” pish tosh, for sure. You can’t find an old media “news” outlet that isn’t — as President Obama would say — “all wee-weed up” over the matter. Many are insisting that President elect Donald Trump needs to come out and definitively denounce this tiny group of no-accounts as if they are the core of the center right movement. But the this is really al just more liberal media fake news.

First of all the entire question once again reveals the leftist media’s hypocrisy. After all, did the media call for Barack Obama to denounce Reverend Jeremiah Wright whose constant hate speech and anti-Americanism from his Chicago pulpit was endorsed for years by the Obama family? In case you don’t remember, no, the liberal media didn’t call for Obama to denounce Wright, at least not at first.

It was actually rather the opposite. When Reverend Wright’s hateful rhetoric first became an issue it was because conservative bloggers bean pushing the topic into discussion. In the beginning the old media complex waved it off and accused conservatives of being racists. It was deemed irrelevant and news consumers were told to ignore it so as not to give conservatives such power to influence either the news or President Obama.

In fact, CNN was busy claiming that Revered Wright was no different than Christian minister John Hagee and that the focus on Rev. Wright was just the obvious racism of the right-wingers who were pushing the matter.

It wasn’t until months into the scandal that the media finally began to grudgingly note that Rev. Wright was a problem that Obama needed to address.

And it isn’t just Rev. Wright the media has been hypocritical over. There are any number of hateful comments made by leftists that are never cause for condemnation as far as the liberal media is concerned. People like Louis Farrakhan, “Reverend” Al Sharpton, Van Jones, even lawmakers like Sheila Jackson Lee and Hank Johnson, all of whom the media ignores. Democrats are never asked to distance themselves from any of these hate-filled cretins.

In another obvious case of bias, do you remember anyone outside conservative talk radio outraged that the Democrat Party was led in the U.S. Senate by an actual Ku Klux Klan member named Robert Bird? Where was the media to decry this? No where, that is for sure.

We also have to contrast the media’s sudden hand wringing about the “Alt-Right” with their total silence on the corresponding, and FAR older, “Alt-Left.” The Alt-Left was created in the year 2000 or so and is most exemplified by the Daily Koz website. These people are communists who want nothing less than the utter destruction of the U.S. system and they are by many thousands of people more numerous than this silly, little “Alt-Right” the media is in a frenzy about.

But never once has the media gone mad to warn us about the Alt-Left, a group far larger and more influential on the left than the Alt-Right could ever be on the right.

So, when we see the left-wing media establishment braying for Donald Trump to distance himself from this near mythic Alt-Right you can remember their hypocrisy.

Also please, please note that this whole discussion of the so-called “Alt-Right” is a ruse being used by the Democrats and their handmaidens in the old media establishment to undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s nascent presidency before it even starts. The truth is, the media is not really all worried about the Alt-Right. They only see this tiny group of nobodies as a convenient weapon with which to attack Trump.

With that said, what the heck is this Alt-Right business, you might ask.

First of all, the Alt-Right is NOT a conservative group. Most of the ideas they stand for are not based on conservative ideals.

They are a small handful of nationalists — mostly of the tribal, white nationalist variety, but not all — who advance an ideology of Western civilization based on closed borders and European ethnicity. They also advance a decidedly non-American ideology on a strong central government that would be used to control immigration and enforce their ideas of western civilization. They are also not very high on capitalism, but rather prefer a national socialist idea of central control.

They also stand against the conservative idea of mankind’s God-given rights as they want these rights to extend only to their favored ethnic sector.

Because of these tendencies, they have attracted some of the more thoughtful national socialists and even Nazis who are not fans of the Nazi march crusades typical of your more guttural outright racists. Because the Alt-Right is a bit higher minded in its ideals, though, it has not attracted much support from the Ku Klux Klan because the Klan prefers its strictly race-based hate campaign where the Alt-Right is less focused on the obviousness of that aspect.

Finally I should note that a large part of their appeal is also to less ideologically driven young loners who enjoy the Internet jokes, “funny” memes, and trolling hijinks that man of thee Alt-Righters engage in. It should be noted that many young people were drawn to this group because of a controversy called “gamergate” which is not worth going into here. Needless to say, gamergate gave outlet to the mean=spirited joke-like activities that the Alt-Right thrives in. This stick-in-the-eye attitude has drawn a lot of people to them, but many of them are not really the sort who would stand up and affirm a national movement. They are just the kind of jerks who want to be mean on the Internet. Many will outgrow this phase and never really do anything substantive with their Alt-Right “beliefs.”

But even my explanation above gives them more legitimacy than they are due because the fact is the Alt-Right is a tiny, inconsequential number of people who should best be ignored instead of given the outsized megaphone to spread their mayhem the media is now affording them.

For one, they have no real organization outside their few Internet sites — which I reuse to list here so as not to give them any help spreading their idiocy. And few people really pay them much mind, especially in the greater conservative movement.

Despite this, the media is prepared to color these people as some massive, insurgent movement inside the conservative coalition and on the verge of taking over the White House.

This week, for instance, the media’s favorite story has been about the Alt-Right “conference” recently held in D.C. where one of its leaders, a man named Richard Spencer, is seen on video sieg heiling Donald Trump. The “convention” was said to have attracted a whopping “200 people.”

The media breathlessly pointed to this “convention” as “proof” of a massive conspiracy of Alt-Righters invading Washington. But is it really?

Let’s contrast this 200-person conference with this year’s BronyCon, a convention where grown adults dress as furry, stuffed animals for sexual pleasure. BronyCon attracted over 7,000 wacadoodles this year. Yet despite the thousands of weirdos that turned up at this convention, no one would say “brony” fetishists are a large majority of any group anywhere. I’d almost bet that few people ever even heard of a “brony.”

In the end, giving these Alt-Right nutjobs the benefit of large coverage is helping them but not giving the public an informed and balanced view of what and who the Alt-Right really is.

Meanwhile, as the media goes crazy to empower 200 racists, the media also ignores pro-life marchers who descend on Washington every year and who often average as many as 250,000 marchers! The media never tells us of these massive numbers of anti-abortion activists, but has gone mad to tell us of this meaningless 200-member Alt-Right “movement.”

To prove my point on this, The Media Research Center just noted that CBS and NBC have spent three times more airtime on this Alt-Right fake news than they have on more than four years of March for Life events.

Still, you might worry that even if this Alt-Right is a small number of people, if they are somehow “inside” the White House, aren’t they still in a position to cause real damage?

Well, this week President Elect Donald Trump was asked that very question. He immediately disavowed the Alt-Right.

Not a very welcoming statement for the Alt-Right, as you can see.

I do understand that the media is insisting that the inclusion of Stephen Bannon on the White House staff is a sort of “stealth” way to inject Alt-Right influences into the Trump administration. But this is all bull hockey. As we discussed last week, Steven Bannon is no member of the Alt-Right, he’s no anti-Semite, not a Nazi, and not a racist.

To put the media’s lies in perspective, we must note that all the liberal media has to “prove” Bannon is a “racist” are the claims of second and third parties, mostly from disgruntled former employees and one upset former wife. In reality, the media has not a single statement or bit of video or audio that directly proves Bannon is the hater they are making him out to be.

Your biggest clue should be the fact that the media has no audio or video. And i he was such a hater they would. After all Steve Bannon ran a radio show for over two years before joining the Trump administration. If he were truly a racist or anti-Semite do you think he could have done so many hours of radio and hidden that fact from his audience? o one on earth is so careful that hundreds of hours f radio wouldn’t reveal at least one unguarded statement. Yet the media has not one minute of audio to “prove” their contention that he is a “Nazi.” If they did you’d be hearing it on every single TV news break and reading about it on every liberal Internet site.

So, I’ll sum this all up by saying a few things: Number one, do not imagine this Alt-Right nonsense is some great wave of people about to swamp both the conservative movement and Washington D.C. They are in fact a tiny number of people who are utterly inconsequential and powerless. Number two, you should ignore them. They will soon crawl back into the rotten woodwork of the Internet if people stop giving them a spotlight. And, finally, number three, tell every one you know that this Alt-Right business is only a ruse being used by the left-wing media to try to destroy the Trump presidency before it even fairly begins.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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