How Trump Can Still Win

-By Gary Krasner

I’ve decided to offer some advice to Team Trump. Apparently he needs it badly. Here are the main things he can do to right his campaign ship:

1. Take his smart phone away from him. Have the campaign professionals post twitter remarks to the millions of his twits.

2. Trump must stick solely to his scripted speeches, and no ad-libbing on the side, because that is what will be aired on the nets!!!

3. Donald must shut up about bimbo allegations and Melania must publicly refute them. Only Melania. And she must ask:

a. Why did these women wait 3 weeks before the election, and how and why did they organize coming forward together?

b. Point out that some alleged women victims were misquoted by NY Times.

c. Call for the resignation of reporters who have been working with HRC campaign to tailor their messages.

d. Demand that Hillary, finally and once and for all, deny allegations from Broderick and Wiley


Trump must do the following at the upcoming last debate.

Avoid attacking Hillary on allegations that have already been aired. Hillary’s Achilles Heel is addressing allegations she has not been prepped for with ready and rehearsed answers.

Also, use a rhetorical device that’s memorable and can be repeated during and after the debate. Reagan said “there you go again.”

Suggestion: I propose, “True or False, Hillary?!”


TRUMP: “You claim you’re prepared to be Commander in Chief? True or False, Hillary. The terrorists who attack everywhere in the world have one thing in common—-they wish sharia law be imposed everywhere.”

TRUMP: “You claim using an unsecured email server was a mistake? True or False, Hillary. You had been warned by [list all the admin officials] that it was vulnerable to hacking and that you must stop using that server.”

TRUMP: “You claim all the time that there’s no proof that our enemies obtained national security secrets from your server. True or False, Hillary. There’s a way to prove that.”

(Mock her: Our enemies do not hold press conferences announcing which secrets they stole and how they intend to exploit them!!!)

Every time during the debate and days later, Trump will repeat the refrain, “True or False, Hillary”, reminding voters that she dodged the questions.

FINALLY, 60 percent of americans oppose Obamacare. Give this explanation why it must be scraped:

Obamacare has failed financially for the same reasons communism and socialism fails: because government cannot run businesses efficiently, and therefore cannot control prices and resources efficiently.

Obamacare set up insurance companies to fail because THEY could not run under the conditions set forth in the President’s law. Covering all of the pre-existing conditions that Obama wanted covered was an impossibility. Government can cover it, because it can run deficits. Businesses cannot.

And it’s not even insurance when the company must cover current risk, instead of future risk. No auto insurance company can stay in business when customers demand that the repair of their autos be paid for BEFORE they purchase the insurance!!!

Each insurance company knows what it must do to stay in business, and at the same time, compete for customers by providing great service. This would be the equivalent of Obamacare if it was Italian restaurants who were controlled by the Secretary of HHS, instead of just healthcare:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
HHS: You must include in your menu: bananas, rice, and pancakes.

RESTAURANT OWNER: This is an Italian restaurant. We don’t serve that. It’s not needed in our recipes.

HHS: It doesn’t matter. There may be a time when a customer may want one of those items. So you must stock it and list it on your menu.

RESTAURANT OWNER: Such a customer can always obtain those items at the place across the street!!

HHS: Sure, that makes sense. But look right here on page 2993 where the Obamacare says you must stock bananas, rice, and pancakes.

RESTAURANT OWNER: But I can’t make a profit if I have to stock items that are not in demand in an Italian restaurant.

HHS: Sorry, the law is the law.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

And that too is what consumers of healthcare face—-a lack of freedom of choice. Because government always runs a “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT” operation. And you TAKE IT, just like you took it in the butt, when Obama lied by saying you can keep your insurance plans and doctors.

All businesses find extraordinary ways to make their businesses efficient and compete with other businesses. Those which fail to do that go out of business. The sole condition required is a free market with government controls excluded. The downward pressures on prices in the free market that make the consumer computer industry so successful can work the same magic in healthcare and drug development.

Because the problem with healthcare is the cost of its products and services. And the laws of economics are such that government can never reduce costs in any industry. When it controls an industry, it only TRANSFERS the costs to other people, or future Americans to pay for it. That’s why the Soviet Union collapsed. It had no free market.

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