Cosmo Magazine Sponsors Shirtless Male Models and Party Bus to Bring Students to the Polls

-By Warner Todd Huston

Cosmopolitan magazine has been heavily pushing Obama’s agenda during this year’s election but the magazine isn’t satisfied with mere editorials and advertisements. Instead, the fashion magazine is going the extra mile by sponsoring a series of party busses featuring shirtless male models, free gifts, and snacks all aimed at carting college students to the polls next month.

N.C. State University’s Technician, the school’s campus newspaper, reported that the fashion magazine will sponsor the party bus after the associate director of publicity and communications for Student Government entered to win the magazine’s #CosmoVotes election bus contest.

After winning Cosmo’s first party bus award, contest entrant and sophomore in management Camden Willeford told the paper that the shirtless male models that will come with the bus might appeal more to female voters, but the ambiance of the venture should be “fun” for everyone.

Willeford said he entered the contest for “the people.”

“This election is not a light matter here in NC,” Willeford said. “The weight is on the students of North Carolina State University.”

The contest relied on social media to drum up support from NC State students.
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