EPA Contractor Tweets His Glee About Andrew Breitbart’s Death

-By Warner Todd Huston

A purported science writer that is contracted to the Environmental Protection Agency got his hate on months after the untimely death of Andrew Breitbart. For some reason, Ian Boudreau waited months to take to twitter to revel in Andrew’s death, tweeting:

Ian Boudreau@iboudreau

Am I supposed to be sorry for pointing out the fact that Andrew Breitbart is dead? Because I’m not. I was happy he was dead WHEN HE DIED.

Now, Boudreau has since deleted his Tweet in embarrassment, even though for a while he acted defiant towards all the abusers he was being confronted with on the social media platform.

At one point not long after he made his hateful Tweet, he posted triumphantly that he meant for all this to happen.

Yet, not long after that boastful bit of blather he deleted his hateful comment about Andrew Breitbart. In another tweet he reversed his original stance of defiance saying, “It’s true. I shouldn’t have written that.”

Obviously this distempered lefty that makes his living off our taxes realized his bile was not likely conducive to staying employed by those in government not wanting undue negative publicity. The EPA has enough bad press without being tarred with a man like Boudreau whose mental state is obviously quite delicately balanced.