ObamaCare, RomneyCare, and the Truth

-By Richard J. Little

Here is the unspoken truth about ObamaCare aka RomneyCare: It was a mutual beneficial conspiracy by the DC political elite in both parties into to force the implementation of stealth government-run health care

If you’re a single-minded cheerleader for the GOP, I am sorry to have to break the bad news to you but yes – both parties were collaborators in the health care coup. It’s quite clear now that current GOP establishment favorite Mitt Romney, from the USA Today op-ed he posted in 2009, was in on this establishment conspiracy to lie to the American public and leave us with government-run health care.

From my analysis, the plot that was agreed on behind closed doors by the Statist establishment politicians and crony capitalists was to be political theater on a grand scale for the ignorant masses. And when it was kicked off in the spring of 2009, it all seemed to be simply a matter of saying the right lines needed to fool the public.

Here is the basic script that was to be followed:

  • Obama and the “Liberal Democrats” were to make the initial move and put out a “radical” health care plan with the so-called “government option” included as the most prominent feature.
  • Our beloved so-called “Conservative Republican” establishment politicians were supposed to react with a whole bunch of noise and whining about how the “Government Option” was “Socialism”. Being the good supporters of Capitalism, they were to energetically propose “private” alternatives. Then we, like good children, were supposed to get behind them and tote the party line.
  • Obama and his cronies where to then “back down” by “dropping” the “Government Option” from their health care plan. This was supposed to be a “moderate” compromise that was “forced” on them by our “great Conservative heroes” in the GOP political establishment.

At this point, the elites thought that the ObamaCare drama would be over since the acceptance by the GOP establishment of a plan which seemed to promote “private insurance” under a government-run “managed marketplace” was to be spun as great “Conservative victory” (with Romney being hailed as the great animator of this win). It was assumed by the DC political elite that this so-called “watered down” version of ObamaCare (aka RomenyCare) would be accepted without serious question by rank-and-file Conservatives simply based on the GOP establishment say so.

However, this little political passion-play got disrupted and pushed into an uncontrollable orbit by one small obstacle that the political elites forgot about entirely: something called “We the People”.

A small group of committed Patriots in the up-and-coming “Tea Party” movement caught on to the scheme and exposed the scheme but unraveling the Big Lie called the “Individual Mandate” that was the ugly heart of ObamaCare.

The Individual Mandate, while labeled as “private insurance”, was in practical application simply a cover mechanism which allowed government to run the health care system from behind the scenes. Since it is the government which controls the health insurance companies’ existence through regulation, subsidizes their operations with billions in tax dollars, and forces you to buy their product it is in practical application a 100% state controlled system. The “private insurance” façade placed over the government run system is simply kept in place to placate the public (who are rightfully skeptical of government run anything) and to mask the massive institutional corruption taking place.

Right now, there are over 4200 firms selling health insurance nationwide. But under ObamaCare there will be only 3 or 4 huge ones. This is inevitable consolidation of the health insurance industry is confirmed by what happened in Maine under their version of ObamaCare. In Maine, they went from 14 health insurance companies down to 1 because the excessive costs from new government mandates and regulation made it impossible for small firms to stay in the market.
With competition effectively outlawed, the few remaining large Health Insurance firms left in business will be nothing more captive clients of the State who exist only due to the artificially imposed monopoly they hold. Those health insurance firms allowed to remain will be totally beholden to Statist establishment politicians and technocrats who can either make them billions or wipe them out at a strike of the pen. They will be “private” in name only.

But even this massive deceit covers the real betrayal that politicians of both parties don’t want to level with you on: ObamaCare is a massive bait-and-switch scheme that designed to let evade accountability for the total and utter bankruptcy of the Medicare system.

Instead of leveling with you, the current crop of establishment politicians decided to pass the buck by giving a raw deal to young, healthy citizens by forcing them via cover mandates (like the Contraceptive Mandate) to buy a lot more health insurance then they would rationally need. The DC establishment politicians needed to do this because they consistently force health care providers to take losses on Medicare patients by underpaying for senior’s medical procedures. This forces health care providers to overcharge younger private insurance customers to make up for government enforced Medicare losses. Basically, ObamaCare is a bait-and-switch scam that allows the politicians of both parties to get away with not telling you the truth about the urgent necessity to either vastly increase taxes or massively ration care to senior citizens to keep Medicare afloat.

However, even with this bait-and-switch scam in place, there is still not going to be enough money extorted from the young to keep Medicare going for too long (probably only long enough for the current political elite to retire from DC with their vast pensions intact). So in an act of massive duplicity by the Statist elite, the seniors also get treated shabbily too in ObamaCare with the creation in embryonic form of the “Death Panel” rationing boards. Soon, we will have unelected technocrats deciding when our parents and grandparents fate – government playing God. And since seniors by definition are no longer productive taxpayers, it will be “Not Cost Effective” to keep them alive for very long.

In other words, “We the People” of all ages will lose out under these government-run ObamaCare/RomneyCare plans while the Statist establishment politicians, technocrats, and crony capitalists massively increase both their power and their bank accounts!

When will “We the People” wise up to this manipulation and quit believing the lies put out by the Statist Establishment politicians? What is taking place today in this nation is institutional corruption on a scale unprecedented since the days of the Third Reich or the “Workers Paradise” off the USSR. This is distortion of the truth in a manner that would make Winston Smith (of 1984 fame) blush.

Clearly, what “We the People” must ask now is how anyone who truly supports the notion of God-given Individual Rights, Liberty, and Freedom support such a duplicitous liar for the highest office in the Republic?

Finally, and much more critically, we must also ask how long can men and women of good conscience can put up with such willful and deliberate distortion of the truth by those would who seek to wield power over us. Once we begin to compromise truth, enslavement and oppression will be the ultimate result.
Richard J. Little is a resident of Lawton, Oklahoma. He is aspiring amatuer polical writer/commentator and active Tea Party member. He can be reached at rich-little@excite.com.

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