New Rock Band, Madison Rising Shows Our Country Finally Heading Into The Right Direction?

News from the band Madison Rising…

Could a pro-American and openly conservative rock band charting in the top 100 on both iTunes and be a sign that our country is starting to move in the right direction? Maybe so, given the fact that Madison Rising, a phenomenal new band lead by a Navy veteran Dave Bray is climbing rock charts while promoting the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility.

It used to be that younger people only listened to music about sex, drugs, rock n roll and rebellion. But Madison Rising is showing us that this demographic will in fact listen to music with a message if that music is good and worth listening to. By singing about topics such as media bias, taking action to create a better future for ourselves, the damage alleged “peace” protestors do, and actually supporting our military, the band gets everyone thinking instead of simply accepting what they hear or see from liberal media.

By sticking to their core principals, Madison Rising is well on their way to becoming a successful rock band like so many of their predecessors. The group recorded its debut album with a multi Grammy winning producer Ron Saint Germain (who worked with artists such as Creed, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Muse) and is receiving incredibly strong support from their fan base like so many other popular bands that seem to come out of nowhere to suddenly become a house hold name. The big difference is that Madison Rising is doing this while spreading a positive message and getting people to think about issues that matter while the other artists continue to focus on negativity, vulgarity, entitlements and self-congratulatory posturing, achieving nothing except continuing to add to what is wrong with popular culture today.

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