The Occupy Wall Street Pledge:

I pledge allegiance to my grievance
And to civil unrest in America
And to the Republic
I plan to destroy
This Nation
Under attack
With division
And misery and poverty for all

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The Occupy Wall Street Pledge:”

  1. Disinformation: Speeches coming from the President have meaning, intent and purpose, especially, when he says “the protest is coming from a broad base” is it a Culture’s broad base? Economically? Age? are they willing to confront ideas as Tea Party did?; The lack of ideas from this protesters depicts a banality with which they approach this financial crisis that contrary to them, requires harsh solutions, thus, they are out of focus, out of reality, and like communist and left extremers, uttering just politics and propaganda which unequivocally and sadly, falls within the realm of communism. That is why they seem to want to destroy America, because the principles and values for which it stand…
    PS As Chavez has partly succeeded in Venezuela

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