Patlak for Cook County Board of Review: We Are On The Air‏

From the Patlak for Cook County Board of Review campaign…

Our campaign to bring professional competence and political balance to the Board of Review is firing on all cylinders. Today we unveil our radio spot which uses a Halloween theme to call out the Chicago Democrat Machine for preventing tax bills from coming out until after the election.

We have distributed our distinctive blue and gold yard signs throughout the district. If you don’t have one yet, click here to order a sign today. We still have large 4×4 signs for placement at heavily trafficked locations. Let us know if you can provide such a location.

You can help our campaign by e-mailing your Cook County friends and family and asking them to vote for Dan. Most voters have not yet formed an opinion about the Board of Review contest so your recommendation can have a great deal of influence in how your friends and family vote in this important race. We have also released our tenth Tax Facts video which answers the question “When appealing my assessment, will I need to go before a judge or is it simply a matter of filling a lot of paperwork out and submitting it for review? What is the full process?”

Early voting began on October 11th and will continue until October 28th. We encourage you to take advantage of the short lines and vote early for Dan. Locations for early voting can be found on my website.

Also… great news for the campaign. We have received the endorsement of the Daily Herald. Add this to the Chicago Tribune endorsement and we have gained the support of the two largest newspapers in the district. You can read the endorsement below or click here to go to the web page.

“Cook County voters should not overlook the Cook County Board of Review District 1. It’s your say for one of three members of the board, which is where you go if you don’t agree with how your home or business land has been assessed for taxing purposes.

The Daily Herald recommends Republican Dan Patlak over the first-term incumbent, Democrat Brendan Houlihan of Palos Heights. Patlak has a better grasp of the issues and is better equipped, with credentials as the Wheeling Township assessor since 2005 and as a former Board of Review employee. The board, which has been accused of being a tool of the clouted and powerful, needs new leadership. Patlak is a start.

But we strongly urge Patlak to draw a line in the sand against taking campaign donations from tax attorneys who appear before the board. This sort of conflict just further erodes the board’s credibility.”

Best regards,
Ken Jochum

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