Hayes Offers Jackson Free Lessons in Hindi

From the Hayes for Congress campaign (2nd District)…

CHICAGO: Republican nominee for Illinois 2nd Congressional District Isaac Hayes today offered Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. a free book on the Hindi language and again called for his resignation.

Jesse Jackson Jr., speaking on WLS radio’s “Don Wade & Roma” show this past Friday morning about an Oct. 28, 2008, meeting with two Indian fund-raisers said, “another gentleman showed up and started having another conversation practically in Hindu, because I don’t speak Hindu.” He went on to say, “I didn’t participate in any of that part of the conversation, nor do I even remember hearing it.”

Hayes responded with perplexity to the Congressman’s statement, “If Congressman Jackson wants us to believe that he participated in a meeting with Indian businessmen who discussed a $1 million bribe on his behalf but failed to tell him about it, he needs to have his head examined because it is clear he lacks the cognitive capacity to serve as a United States Congressman. He should resign now and save himself further embarrassment.”

Today, Hayes is offering Congressman Jackson a free book to help him with his Hindi. “Mr. Jackson alleges the conversation to buy him a Senate Seat was in Hindi, so I want to make sure he is aware that a Congressional Crime is taking place if this ever happens again,” said Hayes.

This statement appears on the Citizens for Isaac Hayes website at: www.isaac4honesty.com.

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