250+ Residents Pack Joel Pollak’s Town Hall‏

From the Pollak for Congress campaign (9th District)…

Niles, IL – Over 250 residents of the 9th congressional district packed Joel Pollak’s town hall meeting last night in Skokie at the Holiday Inn on Touhy Avenue.

For two hours, Pollak held an open forum in which residents were able to ask him questions and raise concerns about critical issues facing the district and the nation.

“I’m amazed by the turnout,” Pollak said. “It exceeded our expectations, by far. We had to ask the hotel to bring in extra chairs. Even then, it was standing-room-only.

“Clearly, voters in our district are excited about the choice we have in this election, and eager to hear about the alternatives our campaign is providing.”

Senior staff from the opposing campaign of incumbent Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) also attended the town hall. Schakowsky’s political director, Alex Armour, took notes throughout the meeting.

Members of the audience were given the opportunity to ask a question or make a comment, and then add a follow-up question or comment after Pollak’s answer.

The result was a well-balanced, civil discussion on issues ranging from jobs and spending to health care and social issues.

“I enjoyed the town hall thing this evening and learned more on what you think on the various topics,” said 9th district voter Elliot Dubin in a post on Facebook after the meeting.

Pollak is the Republican nominee for the 9th district seat, and will face Schakowsky and Green Party nominee Simon Ribeiro in the election on November 2.

The Pollak campaign is planning to hold additional town halls in the next several weeks. Dates, times, and locations will be announced on the campaign website at www.pollakforcongress.com.

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