Sandy Cole Supporters attack GOP candidates for Governor, Congress, State House

From Paul Mitchell for 62nd District State Rep…

When voters in the 62nd District received a late mailer from Personal PAC on behalf of Sandy Cole for State Representative, they were told ominously that her challenger in Tuesday’s Republican primary, Paul Mitchell, had a 100% rating from the Illinois Federation for Right to Life (IFRL).

The mailer, apparently sent only to female names in the district, boldly announces “Personal PAC Urges You to Vote NO ON PAUL MITCHELL.”

The Mitchell campaign hopes that Sandy’s friends aren’t painting with too broad a brush: Republican gubernatorial candidates Jim Ryan, Kirk Dillard, Bill Brady, Adam Andrejewski, and Dan Proft, as well as Republican 8th District Congressional candidates Maria Rodriguez and Joe Walsh, have all likewise been given 100% ratings from the IFRL.

No fewer than eighteen Republican candidates for statewide or legislative positions in Lake County have been rated 100% by IFRL, also including U.S. Senate candidates John Arrington and Patrick Hughes, Lt. Governor candidates Dennis Cook, Jason Plummer and Randy White, as well as Treasurer candidate Dan Rutherford, Comptroller candidate William Kelly, State Representative candidates Cynthia Hebda, Dan Sugrue, and incumbent State Representative Jo Ann Osmond.

“I’m proud to be among such honorable Republican company as these people,” says Mitchell, “and I wonder why Sandy Cole wouldn’t be. Perhaps she’d be more at home in a another party, one that doesn’t have a pro-life platform and leaders who are proud of their pro-life positions.”

Incumbent Rep. Sandy Cole, who has a perfect pro-abortion voting record, has often been the beneficiary of financial and in-kind support from Personal PAC, and local voters have seen such mailers before on behalf of 8th District Congresswoman Melissa Bean, a Democrat.

Mitchell’s campaign slogan is, “Running ON Republican platform, and not away from it.” Said Mitchell, “I’m little hurt that they didn’t also mention that I’m recommended by Illinois Citizens for Life, and endorsed by Family-PAC, Illinois Citizens for Ethics, and Eagle Forum of Illinois, which are all also pro-life organizations. Still, I’m grateful to Personal PAC for this opportunity to highlight an important distinction between Mrs. Cole and myself. I am in step with the Republican Party, and she is not.”

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