Cook County Board President Race: John Garrido Responds to Claims He’s a Dem. Plant

Is it the Chicago dirty tricks squad at work? From the Garrido campaign…

SCHILLER PARK – John Garrido addressed rumors being circulated among Republican circles that he’s a Democrat “plant”. He issued the following statement:

Attempts to try and make me look like a Democrat based on my primary voting record are laughable. I am a Republican, have always been a Republican, and will always remain a Republican.

I have voted in two Democratic primaries. In 2008, I joined over 100,000 Republicans in Ohio, 119,000 in Texas, and 38,000 in Mississippi who voted for Hillary Clinton to put Republicans in the best position to win in the general election. I also voted for an Assistant State’s Attorney and friend running as a Democrat who was more than qualified for judge.

I joined the Chicago Young Republicans in 2002, donated money to President Bush in 2004, organized hundreds of off-duty police officers to assist Tony Peraica in 2006, and voted in the 5th Congressional Republican Special Primary in 2009.

Given that my opponent lost his last election to a Democrat as a fourteen year incumbent in a predominately Republican district, I understand why some of his supporters may be concerned about my candidacy. However, I would hope this election focuses on the real reasons why we are preferable as candidates, instead of spreading conjecture and innuendo to confuse voters.

I’m still the only candidate that has presented detailed plans to improve Cook County government. I’m the only Republican that can appeal to the diverse voting community in Cook County, and defeat any Democrat that wins their primary.

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