Constitution Party: Randall Stufflebeam for Ill. Governor

From the Stufflebeam campaign…

We had a great time in Alton yesterday (Saturday, November 28) and I am really proud of the organizers of this tea party that had a focus on the youth. You can read the Alton Telegraphs report below.

I had the opportunity to speak, not as a candidate, but as a “Constitutionalist.” I opened my speech with this phrase, “In just a little over three years from now, we will be celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the day that tyranny got it’s foothold here in America.” On February 3, 1913 the 16th Amendment (Known to most people as the “Income Tax Amendment”) was declared to have been ratified. Then on April 8, 1913, the 17th Amendment was declared to have been ratified. Interestingly, in October of the same year, the Federal Reserve Act was ratified. Can you connect the dots?

To summarize the speech, do you know why the federal government now owns car manufacturers and banks, why the federal government can dole out stimulus packages, why they can give billions of dollars away to foreign governments and entities, why we have had an unconstitutionally standing army since WWII, and why we have a federal government that far, far, far exceeds its constitutional boundary? Because it can! It can because it can afford it and it can afford it because of the 16th Amendment. It is the 16th Amendment which allows the federal government to acquire unlimited funding at taxpayers’ expense and the 16th Amendment has been allowed to stand for almost 100 years because the 17th Amendment eliminated state representation in the federal government.

If you’d like more information on state sovereignty, and the 16th and 17th Amendments, you can check out the essay that I wrote on the subject on my website by clicking on the following link:

Speaking of the Alton Telegraph; this is the second report that I have seen by the Telegraph and I’ve got to say that I am VERY impressed with this news organization. I don’t know if you saw the previous report that was on the candidate forum that was held in Bethalto just a little over a month ago (Candidates give views at forum), but the Telegraph did a really good job on covering the candidates and what they said. The most impressive thing about the article is that in spite of the fact that there were 12 candidates, they didn’t shorten the article and leave anyone out. Even a “third party” candidate such as myself got equal time with those in the major parties. So in a time when the media has been getting a bad rap about how they have been handling news and many candidates not getting a fair shake, I really have to give kudos for stepping out of the box.


Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

WE MUST REACH OUR YOUTH!! It is so vitally important that we get our children involved with us, so that we can teach them what being a citizen of the United States of America is all about. As examples, there are two people that I want to mention. They are Lucas Kossack and Savannah Liston.

Lucas is a twelve year old young man who is managing the Johnson County Constitution Party Website. I met Lucas several months ago for the first time. At the Massac County Parade this past summer, I dropped off a sound system at the park where we were going to be holding a rally following the parade. By the time we got there from the parade, Lucas had the sound system already up and running and ready for our speakers, that included “Patrick Henry.” I guarantee this little guy can hold his own in a political discussion.

Savannah is a 16 year old lady who organized the gubernatorial debate in Rockford, Illinois that took place on November the 14th. It was a huge success which included print and television news media presence. Savannah is also the Winnebago County Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty organization. She also has her own blog that you can read at

My hat is off to these two young people.

My youngest daughter, Krista, who is 19, was there at the Alton Youth Tea Party as well. Now, while she hasn’t taken an active role in politics (YET), she is another person that I guarantee can hold her own in a political debate. She even challenges the “Old Man” now and again. As most of you are aware by now, she is attending Olivet Nazarene University and is enrolled with the Army ROTC unit there. I couldn’t be more proud.

In 2006, I was told of a young lady somewhere between the age of 10 & 12 who printed out Stufflebeam for Governor Flyers and walked her neighborhood distributing them.

Again, in 2006, I attended an event at the Cahokia Baptist Church. Following the meeting a young man came up to me and introduced himself. (I will never forget this) He said, “Hi, my name is David. I am 10 years old. I’m too young to vote for you, BUT I CAN PRAY FOR YOU.” Then his older sister (I believe she was 14) came up to me and said, “I know when my daddy is away, I sure do miss him and I will be praying for your daughters as you travel around.”

It is these young people and others like them that give me hope for our future. Not only that, but it is the reason that I am in this fight. I want to leave a legacy of freedom and liberty to our posterity. These young people are looking for men and women of honesty and integrity to not only teach them but to lead them. Will you join me?

I am looking to build an army of young people that want to protect their future from the bone-heads who are selling them out.

I am hoping that other YOUTH TEA PARTIES spring-up all across this nation and especially here in Illinois. Just let me know and I will do whatever I can to help and assist. I will be working on speeches specifically geared toward our youth, especially ones focused on the Constitution and the relevance that it has in their lives. OR… How about this idea? Let’s start organizing YOUTH TOWN-HALL MEETINGS. Give our youth not only an opportunity to get involved, but to give them the opportunity to ask questions, get real answers and to understand how government will be affecting their lives even more than us older folks, if we don’t do something now.

In any case, as I said before, “The sleeping giant may be awake, but it is time for that giant to get up off the bed and get into the fight, if we are going to save our state and this nation.” That means, get up off the couch and turn off “American Idol” and get involved and TAKE YOUR KIDS WITH YOU!!

Yours in Liberty
Randall C. Stufflebeam
Candidate for Governor of Illinois

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