5th District: Ratowitz Picked Nationwide ‘Freedom’ Fund-Raiser

“ThisNovember5th” mass fund-raiser boosts nationwide slate of limited government activists seeking elected office in 2010.

CHICAGO – October 28, 2009 – David Ratowitz, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 5th District, is among 19 conservative candidates taking part in a national donation drive on November 5. The candidates, hailing from points across the United States, are seeking office at local, state and federal levels, many for the first time. All have made formal platform commitments to cutting taxes, eliminating national debt and working for a more limited federal government.

“It is certainly an honor to have been selected to participate in this collaboration,” remarks Ratowitz. “Our campaign is enjoying a warm reception here in the Chicago area. It is encouraging to see similar enthusiasm from voters across the country.”

Supporters taking part in the “ThisNovember5th” initiative pledge $25 to their candidates of choice and donate en masse throughout the day on November 5. The event was inspired by a record-setting online fund-raiser in 2007 for then presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), for whom $4.2 million was raised in one day. Learn more about the “ThisNovember5th” mass fund-raising initiative at www.thisnovember5th.com/.

“Each of these candidates is a true patriot with an honorable cause: reducing the size and scope of federal government,” Ratowitz continues. “Our shared goal is reclaiming greater authority at the state and local levels, where policies have proven to be most effective.”

Entrepreneur, Army Ranger and conservative activist DAVID RATOWITZ is running for U.S. Congress in Illinois’ 5th Congressional District. He is seeking the Republican nomination in the February 2, 2010, primary election. The Ratowitz for Congress campaign platform supports limited government, fiscal discipline and accountability, and individual liberty.

Learn more about David Ratowitz’s campaign at www.ratowitzforcongress.com.

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