Money, Influence and Motive

-By Nancy Salvato

I found it absolutely remarkable that George Soros was lampooned in the Saturday Night Live skit, Washington Approves the Bailout. (1) This is because I had previously wondered aloud to my husband my suspicion that there might be more at work than what was being reported around the tanking of the stock market. While I concurred that Fannie May and Freddie Mac contributed to the crisis we currently find ourselves in, I couldn’t help but wonder if the stock market was being manipulated in some other way. Although I initially dismissed my thought as likely “black helicopter” the fact that the writers on SNL included Soros in their parody piqued my interest again. So at the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, I’m going to jump on Former Governor Mike Huckabee’s bandwagon and raise the question.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee, already voicing this same concern, pointed out that the market has continued to lose value because extremely large sell orders are causing panic. One has to wonder, who has enough money, influence, motive, or all of the above to manipulate the United States economy in such a way? (2)

A quick inventory of people in the news who hate America would include George Soros (3) (a promoter of Socialism), Osama bin Laden and Al –Qaeda (they took down the World Trade Center), Vladimir Putin’s Russia (which is playing havoc with the petro-dollar market) (4), China (which owns an enormous amount of US debt) (5) and the Saudi Royal Family (which has the ability to manipulate the oil market at will) (6). What do they all have in common? They would like to see the dominance of the American economic system compromised and they probably wouldn’t mind a Barack presidency either. Both would help to usher in their alternate vision for America.

History teaches us that there is always a subversive force behind upheaval in American culture. According to an opinion editorial in Investor’s Business Daily, The Soros Threat To Democracy, George Soros funds (“the group that produced political ads likening Bush to Adolf Hitler”), The Open Society Institute (which gave NASA’s James Hansen about $720,000, “likely under the “Politicization of Science” program (7) to advance his global warming agenda) and the Justice Fund (8) -which provided millions to angry Mexican-flag waving illegal immigrants demanding U.S. citizenship in Los Angeles. (9) George Soros also “massively shorted the British pound in September, 1992.” As Kyle-Anne Shiver writes in American Thinker (10),

“The Bank of England was obliged to support the pound’s exchange rate under the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. With the pound plunging and the BoE pouring billions into supporting it, prospects for the British economy were damaged — making the pound even weaker. Eventually the BoE exhausted its will to support the pound, and had to pull out of the ERM. The pound collapsed — and Soros is said to have made a billion dollars on this speculative attack.”

Shiver also reminds us that George Soros was accused by the Malaysian Prime Minister of causing the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 and was branded in Thailand as an “economic war criminal” who “sucks the blood from the people.” He was likely involved in the Russia-gate scandal of l999, collapsing Russian currency and causing their default on enormous loans. He was charged with insider trading in France. In the United States he tried to influence the 2004 election by selling dollars.

Gov. Huckabee reminds us that 9/11 affected the economy, though it affected human lives first and foremost. He believes we may be the victim of economic terrorism. There were 12 consecutive days, where every day in the half hour before trading ends, there has been an unusual flurry of activity 9 times more than normal. Bad actors may be manipulating the marketplace using computerized trades late in the day, when the market can’t react and then the media reports how terrible things are, further escalating the problem. (11)

Meanwhile, this free fall is being portrayed as a problem of deregulation, brought on by the principles of a free market economy espoused by those with conservative tendencies. What better way could there be to force a big government intervention and usher in an era of socialism?

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Nancy Salvato is the President of The Basics Project, ( a non-profit, non-partisan 501 (C) (3) research and educational project whose mission is to promote the education of the American public on the basic elements of relevant political, legal and social issues important to our country. She is also a Staff Writer, for the New Media Alliance, Inc., a non-profit (501c3) coalition of writers and grass-roots media outlets, where she contributes on matters of education policy.

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