WaPo Cartoon Features Cursing God, Ridicules Palin’s Religion

-By Warner Todd Huston

Well, leave it to Pat Oliphant, political cartoonist of the Washington Post, to make fun of both God and Sarah Palin at the same time, eh? Back on September 9, with his Tuesday comic, Oliphant featured a God that curses and portrays Sarah Palin speaking in gibberish as if she were “speaking in tongues” because she is supposedly a crazy Pentecostal. Oliphant apparently isn’t aware she left the Pentecostal Church six years ago? I’m sorry missed this one back on the 9th, but it is no less outrageous now than it was then.

Take a gander at this disgusting display of anti-religious blather:

Imagine having the gall to put curse words in God’s mouth? Not to mention the bigoted way he attacks Palin’s religion!

My guess, you’ll search in vain to find an Oliphant cartoon making fun of Obama’s religion.

This is why they call him Soiliphant… OK, this is why I call him Soiliphant!

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