Call For Barack Obama to Repudiate Violence of His Union Supporters

Warner Todd Huston

This week a TV ad for Barack Obama was debuted. It was made by a union that supports Obama, the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). Last week, the SEIU sent 700 of its members to violently break into a conference being put on by a union supporting magazine called Labor Notes Magazine. Several women were injured by the violent protests sponsored by the SEIU.


What sort of candidate would gleefully accept the support of a union that violently attacked other union members? This was no heated argument that just blew up, either, no accident of passions. It was a purposefully violent attack planned and executed. The SEIU organized hundreds of its members, rented 7 busses to transport them to their target site, and then unleashed them to push, shove and beat their way into a conference being held by the union supporting magazine. It was no accident that people were hurt. That was the SEIU’s goal.

It isn’t just one incident, either. SEIU members have been engaged in a campaign of violence and harassment and stalking of members of the California Nurses Association for many months now. The courts are even having to get involved.

And here we have Barack Obama blithely accepting the support of the violence prone SEIU without raising his own voice against the attacks!

It is outrageous and calls must be made for Barack Obama to repudiate the violence.

Let us turn our attention to the ad buy that the SEIU has favored Barack Obama’s campaign with:

One cannot help but wonder why a union that is supposed to be representing service workers (as well as millions of government workers on the state and federal level) is making ads about oil companies? Does the SEIU primarily represent the oil industries? The answer to that is no. What goes on in the oil industry has nothing whatever to do with the direct interests of the SEIU.

That aside, the most outrageous thing here is that Obama is accepting without comment the support of a union that is responsible for violence against union members in other unions. Does Obama support campaigns of violence between unions? Is this the sort of “new tone,” is this the sort of “new politics” that Barack Obama supports?



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