Brit paper Complains of American Flag in Spider-Man 3 Movie!

Well, here we go again. Another Eurotrash, elitist whining that there is a US flag in an American movie…

Ending an inconsequential review of the upcoming movie Spider-Man 3, Timesonline reviewer Leo Lewis complains:

Also disappointing is the inability of the director, Sam Raimi, to end the romp without a fleeting shot of the American flag. The Stars and Stripes just happens to be fluttering behind Spidey as he makes his triumphal return to honour, probity and good honest fist-fighting.

Lewis acts as if an American movie based on an American icon of the American comic book industry must somehow remove all aspects of what made it an Icon. If we are to make the “correct” movie, according to this snarky cretin apparently, we must remove all those gauche American things from our movies to appease America hating reviewers from England, I guess.

I have an idea, Mr. Lewis. If you hate America so much, don’t go see our movies. We can do without your business and your elitist attitude.

5 thoughts on “Brit paper Complains of American Flag in Spider-Man 3 Movie!”

  1. Dont you think its a rather unnecessary full screen background of the American flag? I mean, here in Australia, you could hear everyone jeering when the American flag captured the entire screen at the cinema. Sure, you can say its an American comic and all, but really, you dont see the American flag getting spammed across a double page spread in each comic book do you?

  2. To tell you the truth, I don’t really care much what a foreigner thinks of my country OR my flag. We have done enough for you third worlders.

    But DO NOT try and tell us what to do with our own movies.

    If you people don’t have enough patriotism to care about your OWN flag and country in your own movies, that is fine. But WE will put our flag wherever we want to in our OWN movies.

    We have enough Americans who, like you, hate the USA. But I love it. And I’ll take no guff from a halfwit Brit or a limp Aussie about it.

  3. The person was reviewing the movie, that is his job. He is paid to provide a constructive criticism of movies for the public. He is not “telling us how to make movies”, he is simply fufulling his role as a movie critic, by informing the public of things they may not like.

    Oh, and if you had seen the movie, the american flag was very obviously placed, I am a patriotic american, but I must say it was a bit much.

    Trust me if a british film did this, there would definitely be questions raised by our american newspapers. Thing is, I doubt a british film would ever do this.

    I love my country and patriotism is great. But not patriotism just for the sake of it, with no reference to the story or the quality of the film.

  4. Even so, all over the world, when people see that particular scene, they moan. And it’s not just Europe, but Australia, Canada, Asia…

  5. I see nothing here yet that informs me (or any other American) why we should CARE what you US haters think we shouldn’t show the US flag, and PROUDLY show it. Just because you people are filled with hate doesn’t mean we should give a flying crap what you think.

    And the claim that Americans would get upset that some other country had a film with their flag in it is an idiotic claim.

    Not one American could care less if some other country had a flag in a movie!

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