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Bill To Prevent Feds From Confiscating Guns
– By Warner Todd Huston

Concord, New Hampshire

In the January session of the New Hampshire legislature, a bill has been introduced to prevent officials from confiscating legally owned guns from the citizens of the state during a state of emergency. (See text of bill – House Bill 1639-FN)

During the Katrina disaster, attempts were made by Federal Marshals to sweep certain areas free of guns. Naturally, there was no way to discern legal guns from illegal in the midst of the crisis, so it was assumed that all guns would be confiscated by Federal officials.

Now, as a gun rights advocate, I must stand against this abuse of Federal power. Though, I must say that I can certainly understand the desire that FEMA officials had to assure the safety of rescue workers who were trying to help the citizens of a devastated area. It is certainly not an unreasonable assumption to make that rescue workers should expect not to be shot at as they attempt to save people’s lives, after all……………..

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