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Iran and ‘World Opinion’
– By Thomas E. Brewton

It’s test-time for Senators Kerry and Kennedy and their faith in socialist ‘world opinion’ and ‘the community of nations.’


We are about to walk the same utopian path that led us nowhere during twelve years of negotiating with Iraq through the UN. Despite many months of diplomatic niceness by the mythical ‘community of nations,’ Iran is yet again thumbing its nose at ‘world opinion.’

Hope, however, springs eternal in the savage socialistic breast. Our liberal-Progressives cling to their religious faith that the ‘workers of the world’ will never countenance aggression and war. It’s only nasty, capitalistic Big Business (Halliburton again?) that wants war in order to make blood-money profit from the lives of innocent civilians. All we have to do is let the intellectuals discover what material goods Iran wants and fork them over, even if the material goods amount to the extermination of Israel. That’s, in liberal eyes, a small price to pay for restoration of French, German, and Russian approval for American foreign policy.

Meanwhile, however, liberals are leaving nothing to chance. Iran’s brazen reopening of its nuclear production facilities has stirred up a real hornets’ nest. Secretary General Mohammed El Baradei of the International Atomic Energy Agency that he told reporters in Vienna he was “losing his patience” with Tehran’s leaders.

This must have terrified the Mullahs; heaven help them should Mr. El Baradei’s impatience rise to the level of irritation. ………..
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