Let’s Eminent Domain Souter’s Home!!

January Rally—Supporters Across America called to Action

on Saturday January 21 and Sunday Jan 22

THE FIRST BATTLE is fast approaching in our campaign to end eminent domain abuse by having those who advocate it experience it themselves. We are holding a rally in Weare, New Hampshire over the weekend of January 21st and 22nd. We will meet in central Weare on Saturday morning at a location to be announced later. After a short briefing we will set out in all directions to ask Weare voters to express America’s outrage over the Kelo vs. City of New London decision by signing the ballot initiative that was drafted by our supporters in Weare.

This initiative asks the Town of Weare to use eminent domain to seize the land of Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter for the purpose of economic development through the construction of an Inn. It must be filed by the end of January and will be voted on in March 2006.

Although it only takes 25 signatures to put this initiative on the ballot we would like to collect as many as possible. Souter has reportedly laughed at us and thinks we aren’t serious. Let’s show him otherwise.

We need to send a strong message to all politicians—stop stealing our property or YOU will be on the receiving end of the eminent domain steamroller.

Make a vacation of it. New Hampshire offers great options for the whole family: skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, throwing snowballs at rotten politicians. You can fly into Boston’s Logan International Airport (BOS) or Manchester New Hampshire’s airport (MHT). There are no hotels in Weare (they need one) so supporters are recommended to find one in Manchester, New Hampshire. Be prepared for cold, snowy conditions both in how you pack and the vehicle you rent. Remember, no matter how bad the weather conditions we’ll have it a lot better than our forefathers at Valley Forge.

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The Kelo decision made it easier for government to steal property rightfully owned by private citizens. Let’s use this to steal Souter’s home and show him how dangerous his decision was!

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  1. I’m from CT – it’s been sad to see the domino effect this ridiculous decision has had nationwide. I truly hope this goes through.

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