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Kosovo Fallout (Another Clinton Turkey Comes Home to Roost)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Before I get to the point in this commentary I want to frame it properly. In order to do that, as well as keep it short and to the point, I’ll first summarize rather briefly.

The Moslems were killing the Christians so Clinton pushed an arms embargo against them. When the Christians began killing the Moslems Clinton wouldn’t lift the embargo. He did get a man to let the Iranians know we would look the other way if they smuggled weapons into the Moslems. (It was another of the definition of ‘is’ things for which he was so well known.) This deal broker later had to fall on his sword for Caligula on the Potomac when he was nominated to run the CIA by Clinton and that deal he brokered came out. A new force was born in the region called the KLA. They were, in many cases, trained in ‘special’ camps in Afghanistan.

The KLA was a big supplier of heroin to both the western and eastern European nations. That was their source of funding. That and the numerous murders and assassination plots was why Milosovic got fed up with them. Bill Clinton allowed the Iranians to extend their influence into that region and the result was Yugoslavia running the troublemakers out………….
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