Our Newest Op Ed-By R.A.Hawkins

You Stupid Fuels (Clouseau Explains The Iraq/Al Qaeda Ties)
– By R.A. Hawkins

Note: I would appreciate it if the liberals would read the first sentence out loud.

One of the many arguments put forth by the leftists regarding the ties between the holy order of Al Qaeda and the infidel Iraq and terrorist training and the various other ties is that Al Qaeda would have had nothing to do with Saddam or his infidel secularist running yellow dog regime because they drink alcohol and like women. But there is an old saying in the Mid East: “You and me against my brother. You, me and my brother against the outsider.” A simpler explanation of this charming little quote would be that ‘all of our differences can be settled after we get the outsider’. Or maybe a better way would be to say ‘I’ll slit your throat in the night after we slit theirs’.

As the left is so happy to point out, we are the outsider in this case. They like to point that out a great deal, don’t they? After we begin drilling for oil in Alaska they will probably begin to talk about the possibility that the caribou are going to attack us to protect their own barren moonlike homeland from the pork-eating carbon-based bipeds that are unaware of the ethics and virtues of vegetarianism. I’m so sorry. I realize that had a certain Romper Room quality to it, but I am trying to reach the liberals. “And I see Teddy and Jimmy and Billy… My, my Billy and Jimmy have very different views on cigars. Go to commercial. Oh My. I sure hope that didn’t make it onto the show. The contamination of the children’s minds. Oh Gosh.”………..
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