Jeb Bush Calls Southerners and the Confederate Flag ‘Racist’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Jeb Bush has now told the entire south that he doesn’t want their vote by claiming that the Confederate flag and all who support it are racist.

Bush made his comments on Monday at a campaign stop in South Carolina.

He told the media in Charleston that he has felt that the flag and those who support it are racist since he took down the flag in Florida in 2001.

“The symbols were racist,” the Republican presidential candidate said during a campaign stop at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

“If you’re trying to lean forward rather than live in the past, you want to eliminate the barriers that create disagreements, and so I did,” he added.

Notice that Bush used the liberal terminology “lean forward” here? Quite telling on how he thinks.

Jeb had previously told all conservatives that he doesn’t want their vote in the upcoming primary election. Now he has added the whole of the south to that ban list.

Just who does this liberal think is going to vote for him, anyway? He’s told conservatives to pond sand. Now he’s telling the whole south he thinks they are racist.

Does this doofus think a Republican can win the nomination solely with liberal votes?
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