Pandering? Megyn Kelly Suddenly Says She Left Fox News Because of Trump

-By Warner Todd Huston

Megyn Kelly left Fox News this year with visions of NBC stardom in her eyes. But now, all of a sudden, she is saying she left Fox because of Donald Trump. Is this just pandering, of do you believe her?

Kelly appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to pump her new NBC efforts, but she also made this “admission,” The Daily Beast reported.

Kelly told DeGeneres what made her decide to leave her prominent gig at Fox News after 12 years and join NBC. She said that it wasn’t until she got her own primetime show that she was asked to do “all political” coverage. “I was never a political person,” Kelly said, adding that, “It became clear to me that it wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

She added…

“Donald Trump has a way of clarifying one’s life choices. And, uh, that was true in my case, too.”

Looks like she is just pandering to the liberals, doesn’t it?

Ellen went on to ask if it was Donald Trump’s anti-Megyn Kelly tweets that sent her over the edge.

Kelly replied that it wasn’t “just” the tweets.

“But, you know, the country’s so divided now. And it’s so political. Its like politics has become like race, you can’t discuss it at all.”

She also noted that Bill O’Reilly warned her that cable prime time is a “snake pit” and she found out Bill was right.

“I didn’t want to be in the snake pit, I just wanted to cover the news.”

“But it has a way of pulling you in over and over and that becomes your life and this isn’t the life I wanted.”

I’d say from her ratings on NBC, she won’t have to worry too much about being in the public eye much longer!

Goodnight, Megyn.

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