Georgetown Professor Wants Each White Person to Start Bank Account to Pay Blacks Reparations

-By Warner Todd Huston

An African American Georgetown University professor thinks that in the face of a lack of government policies each white person in America should start a personal bank account from which they can individually pay blacks reparations for slavery.

Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson said that he thinks white Americans should start what he calls an “IRA,” or an “Individual Reparations Account,” with which whites can save money to then distribute to black people, black organizations, or black charities.

Dyson made the suggestion in a new interview with The New York Times Magazine’s Ana Marie Cox aimed at flogging his upcoming race-tinged book, “Tears We Cannot Stop, A Sermon to White America.”

In the book Dyson notes that white people need to be penalized for being white, but since government seems unable to levy this penalty, white people themselves should individually start their own “IRA” bank account from which blacks can be paid back for America’s “peculiar institution.” But Dyson seems oblivious to the fact that the practice of slavery that ended over 150 years ago was paid for by the deaths of over 600,000 Americans during the ravages of the Civil War.

Dyson made no bones about the fact that he finds white people to be a baleful force in the nation today. “We can do nothing to make our tormentors stop their evil,” he says. “How can we possibly combat the blindness of white men and women who are so deeply invested in their own privilege that they cannot afford to see how much we suffer?” he added.

Dyson also said he considers all police to be “terrorists” and “slave drivers” and admitted that he would love to return the same violence upon cops and whites that he imagines blacks are confronted with today.

When asked what his bank account idea entailed, Dyson said it was what a “woke” white person should do.

“Look, if it doesn’t cost you anything, you’re not really engaging in change; you’re engaging in convenience. You’re engaged in the overflow” Dyson insisted. “I’m asking you to do stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily do. I’m asking you to think more seriously and strategically about why you possess what you possess.”

“That is what I meant by an I.R.A.: an individual reparations account,” he explained. “You ain’t got to ask the government, you don’t have to ask your local politician — this is what you, an individual, conscientious, ‘woke’ citizen can do.”

Dyson also claims that the election of Donald J. Trump to the White House is a perfect example of “white supremacy.”

In his book the professor writes, “Donald Trump is the epitome, not only of white innocence and white privilege, but of white power, white rage, and yes, even of white supremacy.”
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