This is the Mental Damage Liberalism Does to People

-By Warner Todd Huston

Today brought me yet another perfect example of the hate-filled, black souls liberals possess.

So, this halfwitted liberal woman sends me a mean tweet on Twitter… I know, SHOCKING, right? Anyway the context of that tweet is immaterial to this story, but after reading the idiotic tweet this woman sent me I clicked onto her Twitter feed to see her recent posts.

I usually do that just to make sure that when I ban a liberal — and I ban all liberals — my ban hammer is falling on a legitimate target.

After seeing this dimwit’s feed, BOY was she the right target, because looking at the top of her page revealed the hate, hypocrisy, and stupidity that infects every single liberal in the universe.

Now, we all understand that hypocrite liberals imagine themselves to be the sole arbiters of what is “love,” “tolerance” and intelligence. They constantly puff themselves up as the adults in the room, maintain that they are the only ones filled with love and tolerance, and that only they care about people all simultaneous with their spewing of hatred, ignorance, and hatespeech at those with whom they disagree politically; namely conservatives and Republicans.

And this damn ignorant chick gave the perfect example of liberal scumbaggery on her Twitter feed with a pair of polar opposite tweets made within four minutes of each other.

Check this out:

One minute she is setting herself up as the perfect example of “love,” “tolerance,” and “kindness,” yet a scant four minutes later she made the lie to her self-assessment by calling people she disagrees with “ignorant, clueless f….ucks.”

I mean, what could be a better example of the emptiness of liberal thinking?

In a mere four minutes she went from love, honey, and light, to name-calling and deep, dark hatred. Four minutes. And you can bet a million bucks that this hypocritical turn didn’t phase her one little bit.

She is probably too stupid to even realize how much of a delusional liar she even is.

THIS, folks, IS liberalism.
“The only end of writing is to enable the reader better to enjoy life, or better to endure it.”
–Samuel Johnson

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