Marco Rubio’s Arrogance Would Mean the Sundering of the GOP

-By Warner Todd Huston

Marco Rubio has only one path to the White House and it isn’t through the ballot box. In fact, the only way Marco Rubio could become the GOP nominee for president is through the back room deals of a brokered convention initiated among the very establishment hacks that the voters are working overtime to depose from power.

So, whether or not Marco Rubio is a “full throated conservative” — as Rush Limbaugh called him — he is doing his level best to defeat the voters who might otherwise be disposed to accept him as a conservative in the White House.

Lately Rubio has been running around claiming he is now in this race to stop Donald Trump. But that is clearly a lie. If Rubio’s goal was to stop Trump, he’d have dropped out of the race to back Texas Senator Ted Cruz who is thus far the only candidate who has proven he can beat Trump.

Even if only half of Rubio’s voters went to Ted Cruz it would be enough to stop Trump in many of these contests and with enough examples of Cruz beating Trump more voters would flee Trump and line up behind Cruz.

But Rubio doesn’t really want to “stop Trump.” He wants to win the nomination… at any cost, even the destruction of the very part he wants to lead.

Cruz was right when he said the Republican Party would erupt in a “manifest revolt” if GOP insiders forced a brokered convention.

There is only one reason Donald Trump is leading in the polls right now and that is because the bulk of Republican voters are flat out sick and tired of the party lying to them at every single turn. Cruz is just as much an outsider as Trump and has spent at least 15 years fighting the GOP establishment… or the GOPe as it has become popularly, or maybe more perhaps more notoriously, known. Cruz is wholly qualified to run as the anti-GOPe candidate and if Trump wasn’t in the race it is clear he would be the front runner.

So today we have Marco Rubio claiming he wants to stop Trump and he’s staying in the race to force Trump to less than the number of delegates it would take for him to win the GOP nomination outright. Rubio wants to force a brokered convention, or a Party convention where the Party representatives there vote to award the nomination to a consensus candidate.

Now, in the past the final candidate has almost never been the candidate who had the highest vote count prior to the convention. In fact, it was usually someone who wasn’t even in the running previously or during the primary.

Whomever it might be, such a candidate is by necessity not chosen by you and me, the voter. It is chosen by party insiders not us. It is chosen by exactly the same people whom the voters have found repugnant. And in an election where 80 percent of the voters are looking for anyone who opposes those insiders, this is a recipe for disaster.

But, these are exactly the people Rubio is appealing to in order to steal the election away from both Trump and Cruz.

It must also be pointed out that the group of insiders Marco want to curry favor with and the voters now despise also want to defeat Ted Cruz.

So, how does Marco imagine this is going to work? How does he imagine that using the help of the GOPe he can steal a nomination away from the very two candidates the bulk of the voters want to put in place to fight the GOPe. How does he then imagine he can get the rank and file voters behind him once he carries out this underhanded scheme — one that is the very definition of what the voters are revolting against.

Clearly Marco is showing ahead of time that he doesn’t care about you and me. He is proving he wants to get into office totally in thrall to the GOPe leaders who the voters are looking to take out of power.

So… how does Marco think this is going to work?
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