Whiney Harvard #Ferguson Protesters Mad They Were Ignored By Primal Scream Streakers

-By Warner Todd Huston

I think this has to be the funniest recent story highlighting the foolishness on the campuses of our universities. On Thursday a group of “silent” protesters got in a war of words with naked-run “primal scream” participants at Harvard. The Ferguson protesters were upset that the primal screamers were ignoring them and refusing to join in with their “moment of silence” so they began to scold and whine to the primal screamers, all to no avail.

Firstly, the so-called primal scream run has become an annual event where naked and half naked students streak about the campus in a raucous display of frivolousness that passes for “fun” at Harvard. It is a wild event that has no sense of decorum or maturity.

This is the event that Ferguson protesters foolishly thought they could tame. This is the sort of craziness that Harvard’s myriad of white folks protesting Ferguson thought they could interrupt with a moment of silence.

Harvard’s Ferguson goof balls thought they could cajole the naked runners into standing still for a few minutes to show support for the African Americans in Ferguson–because, you know, some of their best friends are African Americans, and all.

But the naked runners, ready for a crazy, wild event, showed no interest at all in standing still for a moment of silence. Further more, many were confused by the Ferguson goofs and may have thought that the Ferguson group was protesting the naked run itself causing some to get upset that their event was being interrupted.

The Ferguson protesters tried to stand silently for a time but with the naked runners ignoring them, well, that was just too much for the privileged few who imagined that their protest was more important than the naked runners event. In the face of being laughed at and ignored, the protesters began to scream at the naked runners insisting that the unclothed and uncouth stop their antics and observe their enforced moment of silence.

However, the frockless fanatics didn’t see any reason to stand still and be quiet. In fact, they began to yell back and a war of words ensued between the Ferguson protesters–white-faced both in anger and in lack of diversity–and the tidy-whities-free runners.

Eventually, the naked runners went on with the frivolity ignoring the Ferguson protesters and the disgruntled, ignored Ferguson protesters trudged off to other parts of the campus.

So, why is this all so funny? Because it is a clash of the foolishness that passes for thinking on our campuses, not just at Harvard, but throughout or system of “higher” learning.”

On one hand we have these hedonist fools with their school-sanctioned and entirely jejune naked run event. Woe be it to anyone in any position of authority at Harvard to point out that serious people don’t run around naked in the middle of the night. Out of control students have cowed the so-called administrators into pretending that this event is an important and worthy school tradition.

Don’t anyone dare tell students this naked run is idiotic. Why, they have a right to act like fools!

Enter Harvard’s privileged white folks pretending that they are down with the Ferguson struggle.

Woe be it to anyone who might inform these dolts that their entire “hands up” premise is based on a lie and that nothing racist occurred in Ferguson, Missouri. Don’t tell these poor little rich kids that attend Harvard that their whole protest is based on lies.

Why, they have a right to act like fools!

Then we have these two privileged, senseless groups clashing on campus each assuming their privilege is more “right” and righteous than the other group’s and all this as administrators stand idly by, powerless to do or say anything about anything.

All this chaos, all this sturm und drang signifying nothing is perfectly symbolic of our useless, left-wing, childish universities. It is proof that our schools are a waste of time, proof that they should be torn down and rebuilt as something useful.
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–Samuel Johnson

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