Sarah Palin for Senate? ‘Read My Lipstick: No New Taxes’

-By Warner Todd Huston

Sarah Palin is quite unhappy with Rep, Paul Ryan’s “white flag” budget and reminds the Republican Party that they should be running on the slogan “read my lipstick: no new taxes!”

In a piece posted at Breitbart, Palin excoriates Ryan for his terrible budget bill and points out that no Republican wins office by raising taxes.

“No one can argue with the fact that Paul Ryan’s compromise budget bill raises taxes and increases spending. Show me one Republican who got elected on that platform,” Palin writes.

“We sent these politicians to Congress in an historic landslide election in 2010 with a mandate to stop the runaway spending train bankrupting our nation, not to wave to it from the station or – heaven forbid – increase its speed. And yet, here we are still pretending that there are no real world consequences to running up near trillion dollar deficits year after year with no end in sight.”

Palin is exactly right. 2010 was a Republican landslide in part because America was alarmed at the wild spending, high taxes, waste, and corruption of big government spending. Every Republican who won office that year, whether freshmen or incumbent, won by promising to pare back big government.

Palin goes on to criticize Ryan’s budget for waving the “white flag” and giving the Democrats everything they want as a way “not to distract” from the Obamacare fight.

“The Political Establishment will no doubt tell us that a budget battle will distract us from the fight against Obamacare. But that excuse is just the latest variation in the Establishment’s old canard that they’re keeping their powder dry for the next big battle which never seems to materialize because they’re always too busy waving the white flag and following the path of least resistance until election day,” Palin said.

Palin wraps up her piece saying that the media will “clobber us” no matter what we do so bowing to things the Democrats want does us no good at all as the media will never give us the credit for compromising.

But, I’d add another thing. Compromise does us no good for another reason: we are the only ones doing it.

Compromise can be a good thing, of course, but why should the GOP continue to bend over backwards for Democrats who never, ever, ever compromise on anything? Compromise is a two way street, but today’s Republican Party never asks the left for any compromise and the left never offers any.

Tongues have been wagging that Palin is thinking about running for the Senate from Alaska. With a policy statement like this, maybe we can see she is keeping her options open for that?

At this point, any compromise with leftist Democrats is merely the Republicans throwing away principles for no reward either politically or for the country.

It also proves another thing. If the GOP is always so willing to bit by bit give away everything is supposedly stands for while its opposition stands stiff necked giving no quarter, then it proves that the GOP really doesn’t have any principles at all.

Palin is right. The GOP should not compromise any more and Paul Ryan’s budget is a slap in the face to any principled person.
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