Geo. Zimmerman’s Brother Tweets Photo Comparing GA Baby Shooter to Trayvon Martin

-By Warner Todd Huston

The brother of accused killer George Zimmerman tweeted a photograph comparing accused baby killer De’Marquise Elkins to Trayvon Martin, the young man shot and killed in Florida in 2012.

In a March 24 Tweet, Robert Zimmerman, Jr. posted a photo of De’Marquise Elkins flashing gang signs including a raised middle finger alongside a photo of Trayvon Matin with both middle fingers raised. A caption on the photo reads, “A picture speaks a thousand words. Any Questions?”

Along with the graphic of photos comparing the two young men, Zimmerman writes, “Alleged FBpics of 13mo. old Antonio Santiago’s alleged killer & Trayvon Martin. Uncanny.”

[Note, it seems Mr. Zimmerman has deleted the original Tweet now, screen shot below.]

De’Marquise Elkins has been arrested in Georgia for shooting and killing 13-month-old Antonio Santiago. Elkins is charged with shooting the baby and the baby’s mother in a robbery attempt. Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by Robert Zimmerman’s brother, George, in 2012. George Zimmerman has maintained that Martin was assaulting him and that the shooting was an act of self-defense.

Robert Zimmerman, the accused shooter’s younger brother, has been a staunch and outspoken supporter of his older brother but his latest tweet has drawn sharp criticism on his Twitter account.

In response to critics, Zimmerman posted a Tweet demanding that the “liberal media” should “ask what these 2 black teens did to a woman & baby” and this may be a “reason ppl think blacks might be risky.”

Zimmerman also accused the media of refusing to fully report his brother’s case and of refusing to show photos of Trayvon Martin in thug-like poses.

Zimmerman’s Tweets fueled many replies accusing him of being racist for universally portraying young black men as dangerous. Zimmerman disputes this interpretation.

In another Tweet, Zimmerman wrote, “I realize many will call anything I say/tweet ‘racist’-they do it everyday…I hope 1 day U R Just as fervent calling ppl Who lied ‘Liars.'”
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