FBN’s Eric Bolling: ‘Obama’s Economy Will Dip Back Into Recession’

-By Warner Todd Huston

“The debt deal was a bad deal…”

We were told that the country was about to collapse like the Weimar Republic or the Soviet Union, even, if Washington didn’t get that darn debt ceiling hike done. Yet, even as President Obama was signing the very bill that was supposed to save our faltering economy, the DOW tanked closing down 512 points.

I had a chance to talk with Fox Business Network’s Eric Bolling about this mess and, hoping for some happy news, found that Bolling was not so optimistic about the near economic future of our great nation.

Here is our exchange:

Warner Todd Huston: The DOW is now down over 300 (at the time of our conversation). We were told that the whole world would fall apart if we didn’t get this debt deal in Washington. Well, we got it, but we are still seeing a crashing DOW. Why is that?

Eric Bolling: I have been saying for months that Obama’s economy was going to dip back into recession. Most analysts disagreed; now it has happened. Obamanomics is failing right in front of our eyes with massive overspending of our means and an anti-business environment, it was just a matter of time before this happened.

WTH: Is this all based on the continuing bad jobs outlook?

EB: Yes, businesses aren’t hiring, debt is a huge burden, and we’re nowhere near out of this mess.

WTH: Is there any indication that the debt deal has had any affect on the markets?

EB: No. I said before the deal that it was a bad deal. We have a spending problem and this debt deal did nothing to address that

WTH: We are still being told to expect a “double dip recession,” aren’t we? Do you think that is in store for us?

EB: We are in it… just look around… don’t pay attention to the technical definition… it doesn’t matter

WTH: Any other statements on the markets as they stand?

EB: Make sure your tray tables and seat backs in the upright and locked position… we’re expecting turbulence ahead!

Well, folks, looks like the future ain’t so brite!

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