Sam Adams Alliance Announces Call for Nominations for 4th Annual Sammies Awards

From the Sam Adams Alliance…

$60,000 to be given to top citizen leaders of 2010 at April awards gala in Chicago

CHICAGO – On the heels of some of the most citizen-driven election results in decades, Sam Adams Alliance announced today the contest opening for the fourth annual Sammies, an awards show recognizing the country’s most active and effective citizen leaders from 2010. The awards will be held April 8, 2011 at Chicago’s Union Station.

The theme of the 4th annual Sammies, “Redrawing the Lines,” refers to the redrawing of battle lines in American politics from the traditional Republican and Democrat to a new division between political professional and citizen.

“You couldn’t help but notice, especially following Tuesday’s election, that in 2010 the lines between R and D; conservative and liberal have blurred,” said Yvonne B. Ralsky, executive director of Sam Adams Alliance. “Thanks to ordinary Americans, there is now a bright contrast between citizen and politician, and we are expecting our Sammies nominees and winners this year to reflect the intensity and quality of the engagement we’ve seen throughout 2010.”

The award amounts for the 4th annual Sammies have tripled this year, and the award categories have changed to the following:

Modern Day Sam Adams
Award Prize: $20,000

Description: The Samuel Adams of our times. This strategist weaves together planning, marketing, communications, and a pulse of the people, redrawing the political landscape in a way that permanently changes America’s course for the better.

Messenger Award
Award Prize: $10,000

Description: In the spirit of Paul Revere. This honoree excels in the mode or method of communications, from viral video campaigns to cartoons and letters-to-the editor. (Applications from citizens working in blogosphere, film, newspaper, broadcast, and video welcome).

Reformer Award
Award Prize: $10,000

Description: This honoree is a reform leader in their community who works to improve and make more responsive (and responsible) the institutions of government. From school board leaders to informed and engaged citizens, a Reformer should be able to point to tangible reforms they’ve enacted or helped to make enacted. (Applications from reformers elected or appointed, and citizen reformers are welcome).

The Watchdog Award
Award Prize: $10,000

Description: The Watchdog is a citizen who took a risk, blowing the whistle or effectively making known information that promotes good government, citizenship or both. (Applications from journalists, citizen activists and groups welcome).

Rookie Award
Award Prize: $10,000

Description: The Rookie is someone who has engaged in politics this year for the first time, or the first time in some time, to great effect. The honoree should have an inspiring story about why they engaged and what they accomplished.

Nominations for Sammies awards may be entered at; or by e-mailing All entries are due by January 28, 2011. Winners in each category will be flown to Chicago and awarded at the April 8, 2011 ceremony.

Founded in 2006, Sam Adams Alliance is a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan organization that researches, inspires and cultivates citizen leadership. For more information, visit

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