Tribune Endorses Brady!‏

From the Bill Brady for Illinois Governor campaign…

With only weeks to go before Election Day, our campaign to put Illinois back to work, and force government to live within its means today was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune!

As the only candidate who will stand up for families against big government, tax and spend politicians like Pat Quinn, today’s Tribune editorial page says Bill “…will say No to the power-clutching elites — House Speaker Michael Madigan, Senate President John Cullerton, that means you and your cronies — whose insider politics doomed this state to its own private tailspin.”

“Pat Quinn, by contrast, cannot say No to anyone,” the Tribune writes, “let alone the power brokers who bully him.”

Noting Bill’s strong support for schools, the Tribune said, “We like his ideas for more competition in public education — something that Quinn, who enjoyed an excellent private education, abhors.”

The Tribune continued, “Pat Quinn is relentlessly starving clout-poor social services so he can protect the jobs and benefits of his union supporters. Shame on Quinn, and on all of us in whose name he perpetrates this raw injustice.”

The Brady/ Plummer campaign is proud of today’s endorsement by the Chicago Tribune, but we’re focused on the only endorsement that matters – yours.

Remember to tell your friends about, and follow our campaign on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates! You can also receive FREE text updates from Bill on the campaign trail by texting the words “votebrady”, all one word, to the number 66937 — you should get a message back asking you to reply with the letter Y.

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