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From the Institute for Truth in Accounting…

If we’d known all the facts… We might have have made a different decision…..

Do you know the truth about our federal financial situation?

It isn’t pretty. But we have to face the truth… or we could face disaster.

The Truth in 2010 campaign aims to get office seekers, opinion leaders, and voters engaged in a crucial issue for our country’s future: our massive, troubling, and often-ignored government debt. The United States is deeply in debt, plagued with dubious accounting standards, and saddled with massive unfunded obligations. Each of these issues will have a long-term impact on our nation’s future freedoms, standard of living, and on each of our lives.

Our nation faces profound financial challenges that will require bold leadership, citizen engagement, and tough decisions. Without accurate financial information, none of these is possible.

The Institute for Truth in Accounting provides its expertise to develop more effective accounting standards and deliver accurate government financial information to policymakers, opinion leaders, and citizens so that they can work for a more secure financial future.

Truth in Accounting is a nonpartisan effort. We are not affiliated with any special interest groups or any political party, and all contributions are tax-deductible.

Won’t you help us hold our politicians accountable and spread the truth about our financial situation throughout the nation? Your gift will help us to get the truth out to your friends, neighbors and above all, our elected representatives.


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