New GOP Video: Deficit of Hope

“The American people have seen who is benefiting from Obama’s economy and it isn’t them. Barack Obama’s looming tax hikes on small businesses, job-killing regulations, and big government takeovers have created an economic climate saturated with uncertainty that is keeping employers from hiring. As a result, unemployment remains near 10 percent, nearly one in five Americans cannot find adequate work, and more people are losing their homes. In the meantime, President Obama has insisted upon leaving behind a mountain of debt and record deficits for future generations to pay. If Obama’s economy is all Democrats have to offer, the American people will vote to fire Nancy Pelosi and put this Democratic Congress out of business.”
– RNC Chairman Michael Steele

Not bad. The only thing I can say is that the lettering on the chryon should have been a tad larger to fill up the screen better. They get a little lost when you have to downsize the video to 400 pixels. Still, it’ll work.

Of course, there is one more aspect to this campaign season that is amazing if you think about it. Did you ever think that the GOP would be able to campaign against Obama himself? When he won that great election victory in 2008 and as he campaigned how the Old Media destroyed anyone that spoke against him as a “racist,” I’d have thought then that the GOP would never be able to run against Obama himself. But with the socialist direction he’s taken, with his tone deaf left-wingism, with his utter failure on the economic front — nearly a constant 10% unemployment rate — with his massive failures overseas with foreign policy, with his failure to even satisfy his extremist left-wing voting base by putting all their pet policies into place… the guy is a major disaster.

So, after one of the biggest electoral victories in decades, now he’s done so poorly in just a year and a half that the GOP has no fear at all of actually running against the president himself. Instead of merely alluding to him, they can level a finger directly in his face.

If nothing else, this fact alone shows what a failure Obama’s been. He’s utterly squandered his near total authority as the right man for the job. He’s fallen so far that his opponents no longer fear invoking his name as an example of failure.

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